Running these incredible events requires a dedicated team, and the Tribal crew stands out as one of the best! Join the Tribal team and experience an unforgettable weekend, knowing that you play a vital role in creating something truly special for people.

WORK HARD: There’s always plenty to do! Get ready for early starts and long, fulfilling days. Embrace the challenges and adversities – after all, they’re all part of the adventure.

BE KIND: Support each other. We all need a helping hand at some point during the weekend, and that’s what makes our team strong.

HAVE FUN: & enjoy the ride! After all, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? Picture yourself in a breathtaking coastal setting, surrounded by like-minded individuals, and contributing to something extraordinary.

Plus, you’ll be well taken care of throughout the weekend – expect delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and some awesome merchandise. All we ask is that volunteers commit to a minimum of two days.

Ready to make unforgettable memories? Join the team and be part of this incredible weekend!”


Getting the Tribal Clash beach ready for the competition takes several days. We arrive on site on the Monday before the Tribal Clash weekend, and we work from early in the morning until late at night through the week. Our build team erects the wooden rigs, fills hundreds of sandbags, measures and marks the competition arena, erects fencing, flags and barriers, marks swim and run routes, and ensures all the equipment is where it should be. Our arena requires a team of 8-10 people, a telehandler, and quite an assortment of tools! Our rigging teams also packs down the site on the Monday after the competition, deals with all the waste left behind, breaks down the rigs and the arena and transports all the equipment back to the Tribal Clash compound. During the competition, our rigging team is responsible for moving equipment in between events, and ensuring each event has the correct equipment available.


The Tribal Clash judges are at the heart of the competition. They have a crucial role in ensuring that the movement standards are adhered to, and that each team’s score accurately reflects the work that they have done. Our judges have an extra challenge that comes with our tactical team programming and equipment; our judges have to watch and assess the reps of the whole team simultaneously. They have to be able to see if the whole team squats below parallel exactly at the same moment, or if synchro burpees touch the target exactly at the same moment. Our judging team have to be on top of their game outdoors in any weather for two days. Typically each lane has two judges, who are also responsible for preparing the lanes for each heat.


The famous Tribal Clash Red Shirts. Athlete Support Team looks after all the participants from the moment they arrive on site: They handle team check-in on Friday, distribute camping & spectator wristbands and parking permits, and are on hand to deal with any queries or problems our participants may have when they arrive. During the competition, you will find most of the Athlete Support Team at Athlete Staging, where they brief the competitors on the workouts before they step onto the arena. They ensure that the heat turnaround is swift, and that the competition stays on schedule – no mean feat with 160 teams and several events with multiple heats! During the competition Athlete Support is the first point of contact for the competitors whether it’s lost property, a scoring issue or heat timings.


Our scoring team is responsible for making sure that the work that the athletes do is showing accurately on the competition leaderboard. This is no easy task: with up to 240 teams in a competition and multiple events running concurrently, loading scoresheets onto our scoring software requires focus and relentless attention to detail. Our scoring team has to deal with not just multiple score sheets but also various other scoring systems: chip timing systems, iPad timing apps, and back up systems in case of technical problems. They work together with Event Director and Head Judge to determine fair and consistent scoring system including any time or rep penalties. The team includes several runners delivering score sheets to and from the arena.