In a team of 6 athletes

For time:

150 synchro wall ball shots (9kg/6kg)

There are few better workouts to test your mental grit and pain threshold than ‘Karen’ – 150 wall ball shots for time. Your quads and shoulders will be on fire and it quickly becomes a battle of wills, you against the ball.

Tribal ‘Karen’ will be performed by a team of 6 athletes simultaneously. All athletes must hit bottom position of squat (below parallel) at the same moment and all balls must make contact with the target or above the line at the same moment for the rep to count. All athletes should aim for the same height target or line regardless of height or gender. Have a counter/judge to stand well back from the wall so he or she can clearly see the big picture. Get him or her to count good reps out loud so the team knows how they are doing. If you are not an established team you may have to have a few practice sets to get your rhythm in sync, you will see that it is not as easy as it sounds!

You will find out quickly where your team’s mental breaking point is. Can you stick to your strategy and perform the workout according to your plan?