Score: reps

Time cap: 12 minutes


25 log worm squats

10 synchro burpees (3 athletes)

The team starts lying prone behind the baseline, hands on sandbags. On GO team completes 25 squats with the log worm. The worm must be in Zercher hold for reps to count. The elbows or logs must not touch the knees at any time. All athletes must have hip crease below parallel at the same time at the bottom of the rep and stand with hips fully extended at the top of the rep. The athletes must stand in a line facing south.

After 25 squats, three athletes start doing synchro burpees over the worm with 2 athletes starting on one side of the worm and 1 athlete on the other side, facing the stage. Athletes’ chests and thighs must be on the floor at the bottom of the burpee, and the rep must have a two-footed take off and landing.  The athletes must have chest to floor at the same time but they do not have to jump at the same time. Remaining three athletes must be lying on the floor behind the baseline hands on sandbags for the burpee reps to count. All 10 burpees must be completed by the same three athletes, the team cannot swap athletes in the middle of the burpee set.  After 10 burpees, all athletes return to the log and repeat the log squats.

After Event 1, the team has 3 minutes to transition to:


Score: time

Time cap: None

RACE NUMBERS MUST BE ON AT THE START OF THIS EVENT. After Event 1 time out, the team exits straight down the lane to the shoreside pens. The team has three minutes between Event 1 and Event 2. At 3-2-1 Go, the team picks up a rescue board. All six athletes must have hands on the board before the team can start. The team completes a swim in the sea around a marked course. All athletes must stay in contact with the board at all time. The team can have one athlete on the board. When the team has completed their swim, they return the board back to their starting pen, and head north, onto a beach run towards the pier. At turn point flag, the athletes return back south past the arena over to another turn point flag. The athletes run around the flag and return to the finish line, marked by pink flags. Each individual athlete’s time will be logged at the run finish gate. The team’s score for Event 2 is the combined finishing times for all six athletes. The finishing time will include the time taken to complete the team rescue swim.  Please ensure you wear your race numbers for this event. Without a race number, you will not receive a score.