What a day. We have turned up the heat this year, the athletes are being tested in every conceivable way! Here are the three events on Sunday that every team will complete.


This is one of the classics, it’s our favourite! This event first featured in 2015, we love it because it’s simple and elegant, and requires good team work and communication skills. For a good score, all athletes in the team must be working for the whole duration of this workout. The team must have a solid strategy and figure out how they use the six team members to move the tyres as fast as possible.

Score: reps

Time cap: 9 minutes

The task: as many tyres stacked as possible in 9 minutes.

The team has 6 stacked tractor tyres on the lane. On GO the team proceeds to unstack the tyres and flip them down the lane. When all six tyres are restacked over the baseline, the team scores 6 reps. The thinnest tyre must always be the top one in the stack. Once the judge gives the thumbs up, the team can then unstack the tyres and flip them back, repeating as many times as possible in 9 minutes. At time-out, every tyre stacked equals one rep.


Score: time

Time cap: 10 minutes

The team completes a team run with a sandworm around a marked course on the beach. The worm must be held on shoulders at all times. The time stops when the worm is back in its starting position


Score: reps

Time cap: 15 mins

On GO the team proceeds to the first section of the lane where they find a sandworm. The team completes 30 ground to overhead reps with the sandworm, the rep finishes on the opposite shoulder, no lockout is required overhead. After 30 reps are completed, or at 5 minutes elapsed, the team can move onwards down the lane to the second box. Here the team completes 18 rope climbs. The athletes must stay in order. Each athlete can do as many rope climbs as they want, but the team cannot skip an athlete in the line-up. The team can come back to the first athlete after all six athletes have completed at least one rope climb – in other words, if one athlete cannot do a rope climb, their turn cannot be handed over to the next athlete in line, instead it’s a dead stop. After 18 rope climbs, or at 5 minutes of elapsed time, the team moves onwards to the third box, where they find five atlas stones. The stones weigh 42.5kg, 52kg, 66kg, 78kg and 97kg. The first three stones are for the girls, the last three stones are for the boys. The athletes take turns to complete one atlas stone lift to shoulder. The score 1 rep if they lift the lightest stone, 2 reps if they lift the middle stone, and 6 reps if they lift the heaviest stone. The athletes don’t have to tag over the line, instead the next athlete can pop up from prone position as soon as the stone has landed on the sand.

The score for this event is total reps from sandworm GTOH, rope climbs, and atlas stone lifts.