Event 5: The Sandbag Shift
Score: Reps
Time cap: 12 minutes

This event is a repeat from Portugal 2018. Behind the baseline the team has a tractor tyre, inside the tyre are 5 sandbags. On the lane there are two head high up & over beams. On Go the team starts to move the objects to the other end of the lane. All objects and athletes must go over the beams. The athletes can be assisted over the beam. At the other end of the line, the tyre must be on the floor first and sand bags on top. The team scores one point per each object accompanied by an athlete over the base line. Once all objects and athletes are behind the baseline, the team can start transporting them to the other end of the lane.

Heat 1 starts at 9.00am

Event 6: The Red Paddle Race
Score: Tyre STOH reps
Time cap: 12 minutes

Athletes start chest to floor behind the baseline. On Go they must complete 50 tyre STOH as a buy-in, 3 athletes working at a time. They then proceed to the board, carry it to the water and paddle a lap around a buoy. When the board is back in its starting position with paddles on top, they proceed to the tractor tyre and complete as many shoulder-to-overhead reps in time remaining, three athletes working at a time. All athletes in overhead lock-out at the same time.

Heat 1 starts at 12.30pm.

After Event 6, top 48 teams advance into the first eliminator event, this will be revealed tomorrow.