Well well well. We are going to kick off tomorrow WITH A BANG!! Here are the events for Saturday 5th May.


For time: A team run carrying a 6-handled log

The team starts standing up in their starting pens facing the arena.

On Go, the team picks up a 6-handled log and complete a run carrying the log around a marked course. All athletes must stay in contact with the log at all times. If they want to swap sides the log must come down to the floor. If there are less than 6 athletes in contact with the log the team gets a 5 minute time penalty.

Time stops when the log is back in its starting position.

Straight into:


For time: a mixed terrain run of approximately 5K. The athletes must have race numbers visible at chest height. At the furthest point of the run your race number will be logged. Any athletes not reaching the turn point will be disqualified.


This event starts exactly 30 minutes after event 1a. The athletes will have exactly 30 minutes from the start of Event 1a to complete 1a and 1b.  The team can start with fewer than 6 athletes. The team must have a minimum of 4 athletes to start the event.

The team start with chest to floor behind the baseline. On GO, the team completes as many rounds as possible of:

12 Sand Worm Ground To Overhead

6 Rope Climbs

The team does not need to lock out overhead. A sand worm rep is counted when the worm is on the opposite shoulder. The worm must land on the shoulder before dropping.

The team can go in any order on the rope climbs, it is not necessary for every athlete to complete a rope climb. The team must tag athletes behind the a-frame legs.

Time cap: 12 minutes


The athletes start chests to sand behind the baseline.

On GO the team runs to the board. There are 3 pumps attached to the board.

The athletes must pump the boards until the gauge shows 5psi. The teams take out the pumps, put caps on and their judge will send them off. They run carrying the board out of the arena to the lake. The team must run with paddles on board. Paddles can be picked up when the athletes are knee deep in the water.  The teams paddle a marked course around the buoy and return back to shore, pick up the board and run around the flag on the beach. If the team does not complete this lap within 8 minutes they will not proceed onwards to the second lap but turn straight back to the arena. If they are within the 8 minute lap time cap they proceed onwards to the second lap. The time stops when the board is back in its starting position.

Time cap: 15 minutes



M/F pairs

9 x 90 second intervals

Each 90 second interval starts by both athletes completing one up & over. Each athlete scores 3 points for unassisted and 1 point for assisted up & over.  Once both athletes are over the beam they advance to the atlas stones. The pair completes

Three (3) synchro lifts on the lightest ball (42kg/66kg), then two (2) synchro lifts on the second heaviest ball (52kg/77kg), and finally one (1) synchro lift on the heaviest ball (66kg/97kg). At 90 seconds the pair rotates.

The lightest stone is worth 1 point per synchro lift. The second stone is worth 2 points per synchro lift. The heaviest ball is worth 5 points per synchro lifts.

The athletes must show full extension, with the atlas stone on both athletes’ shoulders at the same time. The stones must be dropped in front.

If the pair completes the 6 reps with time left from 90 secs they can go back to the the lightest stone.