Time cap: none

Score: The combined finishing positions of all six athletes

This event is a trail run of undisclosed distance on mixed terrain.


Time cap: 15 minutes

Score: Time to complete

This event is a team standup paddleboard race. On 3-2-1 GO the team sprints to their paddle board, picks up the board and the paddles, runs to the end of the lane and turns right to exit the arena. The team enters the sea through a flagged entry point and paddles around marked course. The team exits the sea through the flagged exit point, picks up the board and the paddles and runs to the lake.  They enter the lake at the entry point, paddle around course and leave the lake through the exit point.  They pick up the paddle board and the paddles and run into arena through the entry point and onwards to their lane.  The team places the paddle board down where it was picked up, with all paddles on top of it. Time stops when all athletes are under the rig and over the baseline.


Time cap: 10 minutes

Score: Total number of tyres stacked

This event is a repeat from Tribal Clash 2015. Each lane has a stack of 6 truck tyres. On 3-2-1-GO the athletes unstack the tyres and flip them down the lane. At the end of the lane, they stack them again. Once all six tyres have been stacked, they can be unstacked and flipped to the other end. The tyres have to be unstacked one at a time, the athletes cannot push the stack over. After 6 tyres have been stacked, the judge must give a thumbs up sign that the tyres can be unstacked (the stack must be stable and neatly stacked). Each stacked tyre earns the team one rep.