Tribal Clash is coming to Bantham, after 4 years in Blackpool Sands. We will implement a detailed traffic management plan, written with the input of Devon Highways, Devon & Cornwall Police and an independent consultant, with the aim of minimising disruption to local residents and businesses.

Tribal Clash will take place during the weekend of 1-3 September. We welcome ALL local residents to Bantham during Tribal Clash, and we hope that the measures we have put in place ensures that disruption on the roads is kept to minimum. Here is some key access information to the residents of Bantham and surrounding villages.

Bantham car park will be full and closed for day users from Friday morning until Monday morning. The car park will be accessible only by holders of pre-booked weekend parking permits (sold at

Surfers and regular beach users please be mindful that there will be a 16-lane competition arena erected on the beach, and the competition will include water events. All events will be ran in 10 back to back heats, so there will be competitors in the water, and on the beach racing, all day on Saturday and Sunday. There will be amplified music on the beach, as well as event related infrastructure. Visitors looking for a quiet day on the beach are advised to consider other beaches in the locality, such as South Milton or Bigbury.

There will be no road closures or one way systems in place. Residential traffic will be unaffected. Our parking marshals will direct residential traffic.

A temporary car park will be in operation in a field near the roundabout from A379, from Friday morning until Monday morning, with a free shuttle bus running between the field and the beach (2.5 miles). The charges in this car park are the same as day charges in Bantham car park. Bantham car park season ticket holders will park here without charge. The shuttle bus will be ran by Tally Ho company. This car park will be open from 10am until 6pm. The last shuttle bus will pick up from the beach at 5.45pm. No surf boards will be permitted onto the shuttle bus.

All event traffic will be directed to the Day Car in the field off site, approximately 2.5 miles from the beach, where all participants register and collect their tickets. Only holders of pre-paid weekend parking permits will be allowed to drive down the lane to the beach, everyone else will leave their car in the field and use the shuttle bus to get to the beach (2.5 miles). This applies to even dropping off passengers – no vehicles will be driving to the beach without a parking permit. This will be clearly signposted and marshalled from the roundabout. We aim to keep the lane free from all but necessary event traffic, in order to avoid congestion and gridlock during peak times and thus minimise disruption to local residents. We are also working with our suppliers to arrange deliveries either early morning or late in the evening in the days running up to the event.

The busiest time on the lane will be the arrival on Friday, from 10.30am until 7pm, with peak hours being around lunchtime on Friday. Another busy period will be after the competition finishes and participants depart on Sunday evening after 6pm. We expect around 600 campers staying in Bantham for the duration of the weekend. Some athletes staying elsewhere will be arriving at 8am on Saturday morning and leave at 21:00 in the evening, and arrive again at 8am on Sunday. Holders of Beach Parking permits will drive all the way down to the beach.  Spectators who do not want to buy a weekend parking permit will leave their car in the field near the roundabout and use a shuttle bus to access the beach, this is available from 10am until 6pm.

Tribal Clash is an inspirational celebration of fitness, community and sportsmanship. Come and support the teams, watch the extraordinary battles on the arena and enjoy the atmosphere! Residents and holiday homes of Bantham and West Buckland have received a letter which includes free spectator tickets, please contact us if you have not received this. See you on the beach!