The following are the events that all teams complete on Day 2. After Event 7, the field is cut to 36 teams based on overall points after 7 events. The 36 remaining teams will complete Event 9. 18 teams will exit the competition after Event 9, and the remaining 18 teams will go into the Semi-Final, the Tug-Of-War. 

Please note, two athlete staging areas will be used on Day 2 – one at the northern end of the arena near the Surf Lifesaving Club, and the other at the southern end of the arena as used throughout Saturday. Please ensure that you go to the correct staging pen, as highlighted below for each event. 


Score: Time
Staging area: South

Event 5 is a team rescue board swim for time, straight into an individual run. 

RACE NUMBERS MUST BE WORN FOR THIS EVENT. Without your number visible on your arm, you will not get a score. 

The team must stand behind the start line between the flags. On GO, the team picks up their rescue board and sets off on a team swim around a marked course. All team members must stay in contact with the board at all times. The team can have one athlete on the board. 

Once the team have completed the swim lap, they must replace the board where they found it and then all athletes head out on an individual run along the beach, with a water crossing. 

Shoes are advised for your own safety. The run route will be signposted. Each individual athlete’s time will be logged at the run finish gate. The team’s score for Event 1 is the combined finishing times for all six athletes. The run will be marshalled and the athletes’ race number will be logged at a checkpoint. Once athletes have completed Event 5, they must proceed to the staging area at the northern end of the beach for Event 6.


Score: Reps
Time cap: 12 minutes
Staging area: North

Event 3 will start exactly 30 minutes after the start of Event 1, even if all team members are not back from the individual run. The team must have a minimum of 2 athletes back to start the event. 

The tyre stack is one of our favourite events, having first featured in Tribal Clash UK in 2015. Usually, it’s essential for the team to have a solid strategy and figure out how they use all six team members to move the tyres as fast as possible. This year there’s a twist as you may begin the event with an incomplete team… 

The team must unstack the six tyres, flip them down the lane, and restack them at the opposite end. The team repeats this as many times as possible in 12 minutes. Athletes must start lying chest to floor behind the baseline, unless they join the team after the heat has started. Tyres can not be pushed off the top of the stack – they must be lifted with control and placed on the floor, with part of the tyre touching the baseline bags. When all six tyres are restacked beyond the opposite baseline, the team scores 6 reps. The tyres must be neatly stacked.  Once the judge gives the thumbs up, the team can then unstack the tyres and flip them back, repeating as many times as possible in 12 minutes. At time-out, every tyre stacked equals one rep.

Score: Reps
Time cap: 7 minutes
Staging area: South

AMRAP Sandworm Ground To Overhead Reps for time.

The team starts lying prone behind the baseline, hands on sandbags. On GO team proceeds to the sandworm and starts to work through as many ground to overhead reps as they can with the sandworm, facing the stage. The rep is completed when the worm is on the opposite shoulder, and all six athletes stand fully extended. There is no need to lock out overhead. The score is the number of reps completed.