Here is the Tribal Clash 2015 heat list and schedule. 144 teams, 12 heats – it’s going to go off, isn’t it?! The team name that you gave us in your Tribal Clash booking account is the name that identifies you, if you have problems remembering your creative output, message us and we’ll tell you.

At registration on your arrival you will receive your team’s individual schedule for the weekend, with heat times and the times we would like you to show up in the holding area to meet your judge.

Remember to print and sign your Team Waiver, and each athlete has to print and fill in the Medical Questionnaire.

At the time of writing this, it is absolutely pouring down. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the battle for the mask had to be done in torrential rain?! May the toughest team win! Or the one who has the most waterproof tent.

Good luck everyone, may the WODs be ever in your favour