The Wall

In teams of 3, for time:

1 wall walk
100 metre row
2 wall walks
200 metre row
3 wall walks
300 metre row …
increasing by 1 wall walk & 100m each row until the last round of
10 wall walks
1000 metre row

This workout is for teams of 3 athletes. The work can be completed by any athlete in any order, and the sets can be split however the team decides. All you need is one rower and a wall. The workout starts with one athlete lying chest to floor with the soles of his/her feet to the wall. One athlete is seated on the rower with the handle racked. On 3-2-1 Go one athlete completes one wall walk. The rep starts and finishes with chest to floor. As soon as each set of wall walks is finished with chest to floor, the rower handle can be unracked and the next rowing set can start. At the end of each rowing set the handle is reracked before the next athlete can start completing a wall walk. Both wall walk sets and rowing sets can be split as the team chooses, but if the team changes athletes in the middle of the rowing set, the rower handle must be reracked. The wall walks must be completed in the same floor space, not side by side. At the top of the wall walk the athlete’s nose must touch the wall but knees must not. Knees touching the wall is a no rep.

This is a great workout that teaches communication and thinking on the fly. As the sets get bigger, the number of changes increases, so the team has to complete fast transitions. It may be impossible to come up with a plan that the team can stick with throughout the workout, so the team has to change strategy throughout the workout to make the best use of the athletes and their fatigue levels.