1. Please see our standard booking T&Cs. This page highlights the special terms and conditions attached to rescheduling your ticket from the cancelled 2020 events, and form an annexe for our standard T&Cs .
  2. All teams in possession of a valid Team Entry ticket for a cancelled 2020 competition will be offered an opportunity to use this team ticket for a rescheduled Tribal Clash event in 2021 or 2022. The teams that have received a full or partial refund for their team ticket, according to legacy data provided by Stripe, are not entitled to a free team ticket. Marco Polo Events will not accept any screen shots or bank statements as evidence of lack of refund. The allocation of tickets rolled over from 2020 is at the discretion of Marco Polo Events.
  3. Teams will be invited to claim their ticket according the schedule emailed to the team captains. The team spots are allocated on a first come, first served basis. It is not possible to reserve or hold a team spot open.
  4. Once you claim your 2020 rollover team spot, the team entry is yours and you have used up your rollover ticket. The rollover team spots are non-refundable, either in cash or in a future team spot. The rollover team spots cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. After you have confirmed your team entry at the rescheduled Tribal Clash event, it is not possible to transfer your team spot to a future event or another event in the same year, at a later date. If you find out after you have claimed your team spot that you cannot attend the event, or cannot get a team together, you will have forfeited your allocated rollover entry. In other words, this is a one time only offer; no changes, or cancellations or refunds. Use it or lose it.
  6. You can transfer your team spot to someone else before you claim your team spot on the Team Aretas platform by emailing us the details of the transfer: the name and email address of the new team captain.
  7. There will be milestone deadlines before the competition weekend: for updating your Team Aretas entry with your team members’ details and for completing your Electronic Waivers  (these will be emailed to you 4 weeks before the event). If you miss these, you are deemed to have forfeited your team spot. Please ensure you open and read update emails from tribalclash.com
  8. If you do not want to take up your rollover team spot in 2021, you can claim it in 2022. You do not have to do anything: you will remain on our list of eligible teams and we will reach out to you to invite you to book as soon as 2022 event dates are confirmed.