In teams of three for total time:

3 rounds of:-
Jerry Can Carry 40m x6
9 Rope Climb
21 Synchro (3) Burpees


3 rounds of:
Sandbag run 400 m
15 Synchro (3) Overhead Squats, 45/35/25

Notes: Organise athletes into balanced teams of three.
Jerry Can Carry: Only one athlete working at a time, change athlete as necessary.
Rope Climbs: Only one athlete working at a time, change athlete as necessary. No need to share reps equally – play to individual strengths.
Synchro Burpees: All three athletes working at the same time. All three athletes must have chest and thighs to floor at the same moment and jump and clap in unison for reps to count.
Sandbag run: Two sand bags per team rotate between the three athletes as necessary – play to individual strengths.
Synchro OH Squats: Three different weight barbells are set. Athletes must complete reps in total unison for them to count with all three athletes hitting bottom (below parallel) and top position (fully extended) at the same time.



We advise using one of our Team Virtuosity Drills to warm up your team before you get stuck into the workout above. These drill are designed to get your team dialled-in to each other and working with smooth and dreamy synchronicity. These drills are great tools and should become a mandatory part of every team training session.

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