Tribal Clash Sand Worm


The Worm is the ultimate team training tool and learning to work with the worm is essential for your team training and development. The Worm teaches you to work together as a unit of 6 athletes; you have to work out your timing especially if you have athletes of different heights, you have to master communication, and find out your points of breakdown and fatigue during workouts. The Sand Worm complexes featured at Tribal Clash require the whole team of 6 athletes to be explosive together, time it right and move together as a one well oiled machine.

We have available a limited number of sand worm kits, this is the same worm that is used at our events. The kit comes with 6 black sandbag filler bag inserts, and a white outer liner with Tribal Clash branding. The kit comes with cable ties for assembly. Sand is not included. Each sandbag insert requires 40kg of sand, this can be purchased from any builders’ merchant if you don’t happen to have a beach nearby. Simple to assemble and does not require any tools.

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