Tribal Clash Portugal teams, meet your judges: they are The Law

Our volunteer judges are the best in the field, they do an amazing job on the beach so give them a fist bump when you see them!

Each judge will be supported by an Assistant Judge, and our Head Judge again will be Rob Clemens. Looking after you will also be a team of Red Shirts, you will find them in athlete staging, in the Tribal Clash shop, in the scoring tent, at the gate and running around the site.

The countdown is on. We kick off in the Athlete Briefing & Event Announcement on Praia do Almargem on Friday 4th May at 19.30.


Georgina Galvin

Mark Drews

Emma Pendle

Barnaby Gehlcken

Abbie Morris

Sam Bristowe

James Francis

Mike Williams

Ollie Hurrell

Melissa Oates

Dean Womack

Dan Goodchild

Rob Clemens – Head Judge