Top 24 teams on overall points advance to semi-final.

Rank Tribe Team Points
1 Unit6 CrossFit Team Unit6 49
2 CrossFit Aberdeen Dreuchit Wildcats 60
3 Reebok CrossFit Tyneside Reebok CrossFit Tyneside 71
4 CrossFit Hammersmith Hammertime 74
5 CrossFit Nottingham Team Hood & The Pirate 92
6 North Engine CrossFit Team Ice 99
7 CrossFit Deviant Team Deviant 112
8 Reebok CrossFit Tyneside RCF Tyneside Black 114
9 CrossFit Nox CrossFit Nox 131
10 Blitz CrossFit Blitz Wolfpack 134
11 WIT Training Whatever It Takes 135
12 Naval Box Naval Box 178
13 Unit6 CrossFit BLS 187
14 CrossFit Cumbria CrossFit Cumbria 191
15 Esprit De Corps CrossFit Esprit De Corps 195
15 White Noise Gym White Noise Gym 195
15 Phoenix P9 CrossFit P9 195
18 South Downs CrossFit South Downs CrossFit Black 202
19 CrossFit Skipton Goat Strength 203
20 Eton CrossFit Six On The Beach 207
21 Stonehenge CrossFit Stonehench 213
22 CrossFit Leuven Team Scatterbrain 217
23 North Engine CrossFit Team Thunder 220
24 Renegade Weightlifting Box Team Renegade 223
25 CrossFit 1971 1971 Wimbledon 234
25 Unaffiliated Suicide Squad 234
27 Limitless Power CrossFit Animals 235
28 CrossFit Montijo Team ARC 247
29 Box 360 Monkeys 250
30 CrossFit Nottingham Sherwood Forest Squatters 251
31 CrossFit Cheltenham Team HR4K 257
32 Reebok CrossFit Connect Connect Black 261
33 North Engine CrossFit Rxish 284
34 CrossFit Kreis9 K9 Clashers 286
34 CrossFit Cirencester Nao Seja Merda 286
36 Reebok CrossFit 33100 Reebok CrossFit 33100 299
36 Ion Strength & Conditioning 5 Celts & A Saxon 299
38 CrossFit Innsbruck Alpine Eagles 303
39 CrossFit La Muralla La Muralla 306
40 CrossFit P9 Phonenix Nighthawks 309
41 In2 Training Farnham In2 Training Farnham 326
42 CrossFit Worksop CrossFit Worksop 337
43 Chase Training Academy Chase Team 339
44 Esprit De Corps CrossFit EDC Black 343
45 CrossFit Marbella CrossFit Marbella Red 346
46 CrossFit Wycombe Stu’s Stag Do 354
47 North Engine CrossFit Team Fire 355
48 CrossFit 470 Team 470 361
49 CrossFit Nottingham The Boys Had One Job 363
50 CrossFit Gleis 10 CFG10 365
51 Camberley CrossFit Camberley CrossFit 367
51 CrossFit 17 CF17 Bravo 367
53 CrossFit Montijo Tribal Old School 371
54 CrossFit Basement Les Etourneaux 374
55 LN CrossFit Balls Out Til You Die 380
56 CrossFit Marbella CrossFit Marbella Black 389
56 CrossFit Swindon Here For A Holiday 389
58 Unaffiliated The Dropouts 409
59 CrossFit Chalkbox CrossFit Chalkbox 415
60 CrossFit Wirral Front Racks & Sacks 416
61 CrossFit Dawn Blue Army 419
62 Full CrossFit Maquinotes 428
63 The Box CrossFit Taunton The Box Rogues 430
64 Full CrossFit Animalotes 437
65 Fitness Hut The Hut Clashers 463
66 Chase Training Academy Chase Tribal team 466
66 LN CrossFit Factor 50 466
66 Queiron CrossFit Queiron Clan 466
69 CrossFit 17 CF 17 Peachy Blinders 476
70 CrossFit A14 Dawn Patrol 483
71 Box 360 Gorillaz 486
72 Unaffiliated Eat Eat Rep.Eat 493
73 CrossFit Huntsman Team Huntsman 496
74 CrossFit Skipton CrossFit Skipton B 503
75 CrossFit Northern Soul CFNS Black 506
76 CrossFit Faro CrossFit Faro 509
77 CrossFit Swindon Straight Outta Swindon 517
78 Aeternum CrossFit Aeternum CrossFit 518
79 CrossFit Basement Circue de Sore Legs 522
80 CrossFit 1971 Team 1971 525
81 CrossFit Battlebox CrossFit Battlebox 526
82 CrossFit Northern Soul CFNS Red 533
83 South Downs CrossFit South Downs CrossFit Yellow 533
84 South Downs CrossFit Flex-ability 536
85 CrossFit Vale do Ave CFVA Red 545
86 CrossFit Vale do Ave CFVA Black 562
87 Fit Fun Active Fit Fun Active 577
88 CrossFit Olhao CrossFit Olhao 584
89 Ironbox CrossFit Ironbox CrossFit Jamor 597
90 Westmorland CrossFit Westmorland CrossFit 599
90 North Engine CrossFit Team Viking 599
92 Unaffiliated Swol Team 6 600
93 CrossFit DHM CrossFit DHM 601
93 CrossFit Nottingham CFN Underdogs 601
95 Unaffiliated Beach Hustlers 603
96 CrossFit Vince 21 Just 4 Fun 615
97 CrossFit Rookies Box CrossFit Rookies Box 618
98 CrossFit Leanne Burton’s Blessings 626
99 CrossFit Innsbruck CrossFit Innsbruck 2 632
100 CrossFit Tooting CrossFit Tooting 638
101 The Box CrossFit Taunton Snatch Me Outside.. How Bout Dah! 640
101 CrossFit Nottingham The Wolfpack 640
103 CrossFit A14 A14 Goes Tribal 641
104 CrossFit Hammersmith Tribal Hammers 643
105 CrossFit 17 CF17 Team Zulu 652
106 CrossFit Wirral 6 On The Beach 657
106 Unaffiliated Blue Tits 657
108 Unaffiliated Witness The Fitness 658
109 P360 Not Fast Just Furious 661
110 CrossFit Nottingham Beaus & Arrows 669
111 CrossFit 351 Declashified 671
112 Full CrossFit Full Family 3.0 680
113 CrossFit Swindon Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself 715
114 The Box CrossFit Taunton Weights Before Dates 725
115 CrossFit Beja CrossFit Beja 734
116 CrossFit Nottingham Team Notted 740
117 CrossFit 17 CF17 Delta 741
118 CrossFit Raeda Ancient Legends 744
119 North Engine CrossFit Team Sharks 751
120 Unaffiliated Castaway CrossFitters 751
121 CrossFit Skipton CrossFit Skipton C 372
122 CrossFit Nottingham Hakuna Masquata 774
123 CrossFit Altrincham Racks & Sacks 788
124 CrossFit Beja CrssFit Beja 2 789
125 CrossFit Barnsley CrossFit Barnsley 809
126 CrossFit Dawn Blue Dawn 821
127 CrossFit Altrincham 99 Problems But The Beach Ain’t One 843
128 Unaffiliated Jaws 888
128 CrossFit Tooting CrossFit Tooting 1 888


WINNERS: CrossFit Nottingham Team Hood & A Pirate

2nd: CrossFit Aberdeen Dreuchit Wildcats

3rd: CrossFit Deviant Team Deviant


CrossFit Deviant






The teams start standing up in their starting pens facing the arena. On Go, the teams pick up a 6-handled log and complete a run carrying the log around a marked course. All athletes must stay in contact with the log at all times. If they want to swap sides the log must come down to the floor. If there are less than 6 athletes in contact with the log the team gets a 5 minute time penalty. Time stops when the log is back in its starting position.

Straight into:


For time: a mixed terrain run of approximately 5K. The athletes must have race numbers visible at chest heights. At the furthest point of the run the athetes’ race numbers are logged. Any athletes not reaching the turn point will be disqualified.


Time cap: 12 minutes

This event starts exactly 30 minutes after the start of event 1a&b, the athletes have 30 minutes to complete a team 1K log run, and a 5K individual trail run. The heat of Event 2 starts with or without the athletes. The team can start with fewer than 6 athletes. The team must have a minimum of 4 athletes to start the event.

The teams start with chest to floor behind the baseline. On GO, the team completes as many rounds as possible of:

12 Sand Worm Ground To Overhead

6 Rope Climbs

The team does not need to lock out overhead. A sand worm rep is counted when the worm is on the opposite shoulder. The worm must land on the shoulder before dropping.   The team can go in any order on the rope climbs, it is not necessary for every athlete to complete a rope climb. The team must tag athletes behind the a-frame legs.





The athletes start chests to sand behind the baseline. On GO the team runs to the board. There are 3 pumps attached to the board. The athletes must pump the boards until the gauge shows 5psi. The teams take out the pumps, put caps on and their judge will send them off. They run carrying the board out of the arena to the lake. The team must run with paddles on board. Paddles can be picked up when the athletes are knee deep in the water.  The teams paddle a marked course around the buoy and return back to shore, pick up the board and run around the flag on the beach. If the team does not complete this lap within 8 minutes they will not proceed onwards to the second lap but turn straight back to the arena. If they are within the 8 minute lap time cap they proceed onwards to the second lap. The time stops when the board is back in its starting position.


EQUIPMENT: 5 ATLAS STONES (42.5kg, 52.5kg, 67kg, 78kg, 97kg), UP&OVER BEAM

The team is organised into M/F pairs

The team works through 9 x 90 second intervals – each pair goes three times.

Each 90 second interval starts by both athletes completing one up & over the high beam. Each athlete scores 3 points for unassisted and 1 point for assisted up & over.  Once both athletes are over the beam they advance to the atlas stones. The pair completes

Three (3) synchro lifts on the lightest ball (42kg/66kg), then two (2) synchro lifts on the second heaviest ball (52kg/77kg), and finally one (1) synchro lift on the heaviest ball (66kg/97kg). At 90 seconds the pair rotates.

The lightest stone is worth 1 point per synchro lift. The second stone is worth 2 points per synchro lift. The heaviest ball is worth 5 points per synchro lifts.

The athletes must show full extension, with the atlas stone on both athletes’ shoulders at the same time. The stones must be dropped in front.

If the pair completes the 6 reps with time left from 90 secs they can go back to the the lightest stone.



The team completes:

10 log worm thrusters

Worm lunge to shoreline

2 swim laps with a rescue board

log worm lunge back to the lane

AMRAP log worm thrusters in time remaining.

Time cap: 16 minutes

The team starts with chest to sand behind the baseline. On GO the team proceeds to the log worm and completes 10 log worm thrusters. All athletes must reach below parallel at the same time. The log should be transferred to opposite shoulder on each rep. The athletes do not need to lock out overhead. When all the thrusters have been completed, the team lunges the worm to the shoreline. All athletes must have knee to sand at the same time reaching full extension at the top of the lunge. No shuffling is allowed, this will result in a back lunge penalty. At the shoreline the last team member must cross the line of the barriers, the team picks up a rescue board and proceeds to swim a marked course around a buoy. All athletes must be in contact with the board at all times. After the first swim lap the board comes back to the lane on the shore.  The board must touch the sand and all athletes stood with hands in air. The team proceeds onto a second swim lap around the buoy. Once the lap has been completed and the board is back in its starting position, the team picks up the log worm again and lunges it back to the lane. The team then completes as many log worm thrusters as possible in time remaining.





The team starts with chest to sand behind the baseline. Behind the baseline they have one truck tyre and five (5) sandbags weighing 60kg. On the lane they have two up and over beams. On GO the team starts to transport the objects from one end of the lane to the other. The athletes, tyre and sandbags must go over the beams. The athletes can be assisted. Once the truck tyre has been lifted off the floor, it must not touch the ground between the two base lines. The team can have any number of athletes carrying the objects. All objects must be carried and not dragged.  Any infringement will equal a 10 second time penalty.  The judges will keep you behind the baseline for the time of any penalties incurred before the objects can be moved back down the lane. The team scores one rep per object + athlete behind the baseline. The tyre must be on the floor first and the sand bags on top for the reps to count.