This workout is for teams of 6, working as two sub-teams of 3: women’s sub-team and men’s sub-team. You will need two bars; men’s bar and women’s bar.

Rx: 100kg for women, 150kg for men.

The workout starts with an unloaded bar. On 3-2-1-GO both bars can be loaded to their workout weight. The load should be heavy, your team would be aiming to complete the deadlifts in alternating singles (male-female-male-female etc)

For time:
30 deadlifts
30 synchro burpees over bar (male-female pair, male-female bars)
Unload the bar, carry bar and plates 100m, reload the bar
30 deadlifts

The deadlift reps alternate between the athletes, men lift the 150kg bar and women lift the 100kg bar. After 30 deadlifts in total have been completed, the team completes 30 synchro burpees over bar in male-female pairs. Once the burpees have been completed, both bars are unloaded and all equipment is transported 100m where the bars are loaded again and the team completes another set of 30 deadlifts.

This is a workout where you can get creative and improvise the transportation part of the workout to suit the space you have available. If its raining, you can transport the bar and plates between two markers or corners inside your gym. You can carry them around a loop, or out and back. You can also adapt the distance to suit the space and time available. Find out how your team communicates during the barbell assembly task, it is harder than you think after those deadlifts and burpees!