Well well well. We are going to kick off tomorrow WITH A BANG!! Here are the events for Saturday 5th May.


For time: A team run carrying a 6-handled log

The team starts standing up in their starting pens facing the arena.

On Go, the team picks up a 6-handled log and complete a run carrying the log around a marked course. All athletes must stay in contact with the log at all times. If they want to swap sides the log must come down to the floor. If there are less than 6 athletes in contact with the log the team gets a 5 minute time penalty.

Time stops when the log is back in its starting position.

Straight into:


For time: a mixed terrain run of approximately 5K. The athletes must have race numbers visible at chest height. At the furthest point of the run your race number will be logged. Any athletes not reaching the turn point will be disqualified.


This event starts exactly 30 minutes after event 1a. The athletes will have exactly 30 minutes from the start of Event 1a to complete 1a and 1b.  The team can start with fewer than 6 athletes. The team must have a minimum of 4 athletes to start the event.

The team start with chest to floor behind the baseline. On GO, the team completes as many rounds as possible of:

12 Sand Worm Ground To Overhead

6 Rope Climbs

The team does not need to lock out overhead. A sand worm rep is counted when the worm is on the opposite shoulder. The worm must land on the shoulder before dropping.

The team can go in any order on the rope climbs, it is not necessary for every athlete to complete a rope climb. The team must tag athletes behind the a-frame legs.

Time cap: 12 minutes


The athletes start chests to sand behind the baseline.

On GO the team runs to the board. There are 3 pumps attached to the board.

The athletes must pump the boards until the gauge shows 5psi. The teams take out the pumps, put caps on and their judge will send them off. They run carrying the board out of the arena to the lake. The team must run with paddles on board. Paddles can be picked up when the athletes are knee deep in the water.  The teams paddle a marked course around the buoy and return back to shore, pick up the board and run around the flag on the beach. If the team does not complete this lap within 8 minutes they will not proceed onwards to the second lap but turn straight back to the arena. If they are within the 8 minute lap time cap they proceed onwards to the second lap. The time stops when the board is back in its starting position.

Time cap: 15 minutes



M/F pairs

9 x 90 second intervals

Each 90 second interval starts by both athletes completing one up & over. Each athlete scores 3 points for unassisted and 1 point for assisted up & over.  Once both athletes are over the beam they advance to the atlas stones. The pair completes

Three (3) synchro lifts on the lightest ball (42kg/66kg), then two (2) synchro lifts on the second heaviest ball (52kg/77kg), and finally one (1) synchro lift on the heaviest ball (66kg/97kg). At 90 seconds the pair rotates.

The lightest stone is worth 1 point per synchro lift. The second stone is worth 2 points per synchro lift. The heaviest ball is worth 5 points per synchro lifts.

The athletes must show full extension, with the atlas stone on both athletes’ shoulders at the same time. The stones must be dropped in front.

If the pair completes the 6 reps with time left from 90 secs they can go back to the the lightest stone.



Portugal 2018 teams, here are your heat and lane assignments for Competition Day 1. Please be aware that your heats will be flipped for the second competition day (Sunday). Teams that are in Heat 1 on Saturday, will be starting in Heat 11 on Sunday.

Please be aware that the timetable may change. You will receive an updated timetable with your registration pack at team check-in on Friday 4th May.

Teams can check-in from 14.00 onwards on Praia do Almargem. Please be aware that unless all 6 athletes have completed the athlete waivers your team will not be able to check in.

We recommend that at least one athlete from your team attends the athlete briefing & event announcement at 19.30 on the beach on Friday 4th May.

If all your team members are arriving after 19.30, please contact us so that alternative arrangements for checking in can be made.

Portugal 2018 Team Judgement

Tribal Clash Portugal teams, meet your judges: they are The Law

Our volunteer judges are the best in the field, they do an amazing job on the beach so give them a fist bump when you see them!

Each judge will be supported by an Assistant Judge, and our Head Judge again will be Rob Clemens. Looking after you will also be a team of Red Shirts, you will find them in athlete staging, in the Tribal Clash shop, in the scoring tent, at the gate and running around the site.

The countdown is on. We kick off in the Athlete Briefing & Event Announcement on Praia do Almargem on Friday 4th May at 19.30.


Georgina Galvin

Mark Drews

Emma Pendle

Barnaby Gehlcken

Abbie Morris

Sam Bristowe

James Francis

Mike Williams

Ollie Hurrell

Melissa Oates

Dean Womack

Dan Goodchild

Rob Clemens – Head Judge


Teams of 6, consisting of 3 men & 3 women.

Divide your team into two Sub Teams of 3 (SubTeam 1 and SubTeam 2 in our workout briefing below). The sub teams of 3 are fixed and you can’t swap athletes between the sub-teams during the workout. You need four bars, two set at 30kg and two set at 42.5kg. Men use 42.5kg bar and women use 30kg bar. You need a pull up rack with 2 pull up stations. You also need guts and a willingness to go into a dark and scary place.


AMRAP until death, for total reps

EMOM as a team complete

15 synchro thrusters (two athletes) and 15 synchro pull ups (two athletes).


The Sub Teams swap between thrusters and pull ups, alternating the movement each minute. On the first minute, two athletes from SubTeam 1 complete 15 synchro thrusters, while at the same time two athletes from SubTeam 2 complete 15 synchro pull ups. On the next minute, two athletes from SubTeam 1 now complete 15 synchro pull ups, while at the same time two athletes from SubTeam 2 complete 15 synchro thrusters. On the third minute, the SubTeams swap again, SubTeam 1 completing 15 synchro thrusters (2 athletes working) and SubTeam 2 completing the 15 synchro pull ups (2 athletes working).

You can swap athletes in and out within the same Sub Team within the minute, as long as the Sub Team complete the 15 synchro reps within the minute. The Sub Teams must swap movements each minute, alternating between thrusters and pull ups.

As a team, you have to think carefully about how you organise your two Sub Teams, in order to keep going as long as possible. For example, if you have an athlete who is weak at pull ups, you may want to include him/her into the Sub-Team with the athlete who is a pull up ninja, who will take most of the pull ups with the weaker athlete chipping in as much as they can.

Once either Sub Team fails to complete the 15 synchro reps within the minute, your workout is over. Your score is total reps completed by your entire team (each synchro rep by two athletes is one rep) . You score 30 reps each minute you remain in the game.

How long can you go on?


Exciting news! Tribal Clash Australia will be held on Wollongong North Beach, on 9 & 10 February 2019. Team tickets will be available to purchase from March with a super discounted Early Bird Price, there will be 120 team spots available for our inaugural Tribal Clash Australia so start assembling your tribe as these team spots will be HOT!!

Wollongong is just an hour from Sydney with lots of accommodation options near the Tribal Clash beach. Our entire crew will fly over from the UK to deliver the full Tribal Clash experience; expect to play with some unusual objects, run a lot, work hard as a team and have an epic weekend! We are busy sorting out the logistics of shipping containers full of beach toys to the other side of the world, but when you arrive on Wollongong Beach on Friday 8th February 2019, you could be in Bantham – you will see the same Tribal Clash arena, same kit, and same friendly team who will be looking after you during the weekend.

Make sure you follow our social media pages for updates, and sign up for our mailing list so that you don’t miss out. See you on the beach!

TRIBAL CLASH 2017: Saturday 2nd September Events



EQUIPMENT: 6 HANDLED SLOSH LOG (weight apprx 50kg)


Athletes start lying behind the start line. On go all 6 athletes must swing from one side of the rig to the other using the rope. If any athlete fails to complete the rope swing and touches the sand inside the rig, they must return to the back of the queue to try again. Once the whole team has crossed they may advance to the six handled slosh log.  The slosh log must be transported around the beach without the slosh log touching the ground. There will be a 20 second time penalty if the log touches the ground. The team completes two (2) laps around a marked course on the beach, traversing over and under a number of obstacles. Athletes may swap positions when they require.  There is NO requirement for all athletes to be touching the log.  When the teams return to the lane the log must be returned to the start position. The team must all successfully swing back to behind the finish line using the rope before the time stops.





All athletes start lying down behind baseline. On GO the first 90 second window opens and one female/male pair must pass over the up n’ over beam as a buy-in. Unassisted 1 time over, assisted 3 times over. Once over the beam the female lifts the 42kg stone and the male lifts the 66kg stone to make 5 synchro lifts to shoulder height. After 5 synchro reps the pair can then move onto the next stone:  52kg for the female, 77kg for the male and complete 3 synchro lifts. Once the 8 reps are done the pair can move back to the 42kg/66kg ball and begin the 5 synchro reps again, and so on, until their 90 seconds is up. The pair then tags the next pair of athletes. Each pair completes three (3) 90 second intervals





On 3-2-1 GO the athletes they proceed to the paddle board and the paddles. The teams then complete a lap that starts and finishes on the beach, returning the SUP to the start position with all 6 paddles on the board finishing under the rig.  Time stops when last team member crosses the baseline.






A trail run on mixed terrain of approximately 5km. Within the 5km run, there will be a 100m sprint section which is timed and scored separately. The 100m sprint section will be clearly marked along the course.

Tribal Kitchen: Fuelling your workouts all weekend!

This year we are offering you delicious fast athlete friendly food from our own Tribal Kitchen. You will find Elaine and her team in the giant tipi serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as yummy snacks to grab in between. Here is what is available this weekend:

FRIDAY LUNCH, from noon until dinner time

Pulled Vietnamese Pork served in a brioche bap, or as a salad

Veggie spicy bean Patty

with Asian Coleslaw, crisp green salad and chilli sauce

Price £10.00

FRIDAY EVENING, from 6pm -9pm

Beef or veggie black bean chilli with half sweet potato jacket or  brown basmati rice, guacamole and sour cream top and crunchy salad

Price £10.00

Vegan gluten-free option: 

Vegetable chilli pie

Aloo Gobi pie

With salads as above

Price £10.00

SATURDAY BREAKFAST, available from 6.30am until lunch

Bircher muesli pots with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and yoghurt

Or hand-made Granola pots with dried fruits, yoghurt

Price £3.00 per pot

Breakfast Bap: sausages/bacon, scrambled egg/spinach frittata  and pot of baked  assorted beans

Price £6.00

All day Snacks £2-3.00

Peanut & Coconut hand-made power balls

Seed & dried fruit flapjacks

Sweet potato  & chocolate Brownies

Fresh fruit:  bananas , apples, watermelon slices £1.00


Assorted vegetable Stir-fry and soba style noodles

Pad Thai salad with Peanuts veggie

With Toppings

  • Lemon chicken with soy, ginger garlic and peppercorn
  • Spicy chicken with Moro smoked paprika, garlic and lemon zest
  • Vietnamese Belly pork
  • Tofu & cashew in soy marinade

Price £10.00


BBQ night 6pm-10pm

Selection of meats from our local butchers & farm shop Aune Valley Meats; 4oz Beef burgers, Moroccan Lamb Burgers, Cumberland sausages, butterfly satay chicken and veggie halloumi

Selection of seasonal salads:

Tomato & basil salad

Potato salad with mayo, caper and spring onion

Green salad

Beetroot, lentil and quinoa salad, with mint and soft goats cheese

Condiments; red onion compote

Price £15.00

SUNDAY BREAKFAST available 7am -10am

Bircher muesli pots with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and yoghurt

Or hand-made Granola pots with dried fruits (Yoghurt)

Price £3.00

Breakfast Bap; sausages/bacon, egg, or spinach Frittata and pot of Baked  assorted beans

Price £6.00

SUNDAY LUNCH from noon

Traditional Chicken, Chorizo and prawn Paella

Veggie Paella

With a selection of salads

Price £10.00

SUNDAY EVENING: Party night!

Thai green chicken curry with steamed brown basmati rice

Beef Massaman Curry with basmati rice.

Veggie green or Massaman curry

Price £10.00

Food is also available from Gastrobus food trucks, On The Green Bus where you can get a table service upstairs with a view, and of course the Sloop Inn pub in the village a short walk from the car park.

Tribal Clash UK 2017 Heats

Athletes, it’s nearly time… here are your lane assignments for the weekend.


Detailed timings will be in your team registration pack which your team captain will collect at team check-in. Arrival procedures and where & how to check in are detailed in the Event Manual. Have you also read and understood parking and traffic restrictions around Bantham, do you know how you will get yourself to the beach in time for your heat? Read it here: TRIBAL CLASH 2017 EVENT MANUAL

See you on the beach!

Tribal Clash UK 2017 Event Manual & Medical Form

The UK 2017 event manual is now available to download here:

Click on this link to read and download: TRIBAL CLASH 2017 EVENT MANUAL

Please read through, even if you are a Tribal Clash veteran of several years. Our Event Manual has important information about where and how to check in, where to park, how the competition is run, and – very importantly – what food is available on the beach.

This year we will be in a new venue, and with the new venue we have had to make some changes to traffic and parking arrangements.

The key changes are:

  • There will be no drop off/pick up area in Bantham from the off-site car park. The lane is a dead end and ends at the gate to the beach.
  • You can only drive down to the beach from Registration and off-site car park onwards (2.6 miles away) if you have a valid beach parking permit. This includes even to drop off/pick up passengers.
  • On Friday 1st September (arrival day) traffic to the beach from Registration & off-site car park (2.6 miles away) is one way only (to the beach) until 21:00.
  • Off-site car park is available for spectators. This is open from 10am until 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is a shuttle bus (16 seats) operating between the car park and the beach during the opening hours. Please note that this car park is not intended to serve the athletes – the heats start at 8.30am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. The shuttle bus will pick up every 30 minutes.
  • Our parking and traffic plan aims to avoid total gridlock on the narrow lane. The lane is a SINGLE LANE – with one lane for traffic going in both directions. The lane has intermittent passing places. With a high volume of cars travelling in both directions, the lane comes to a standstill for two hours. Bantham is our local beach so we know this for a fact. We have been caught in the Bantham lane gridlock many times during a sunny summer weekend.
  • If you are camping and want to bring a car to Bantham for three days and three nights, you need a beach parking permit. Alternative overnight parking is available in Kingsbridge in metered car parks operated by South Hams District Council.

Thank you to all the athletes who have completed the online waiver  without us having to chase you! Please be a good Tribal Clasher and help us complete our team admin early! Team captains, be good leaders and organise your athletes.  All athletes must also print and complete the Tribal Clash medical questionnaire. You can download this here: Tribal Clash Medical Questionnaire.




Tribal Clash in Bantham: Traffic information for local residents

Tribal Clash is coming to Bantham, after 4 years in Blackpool Sands. We will implement a detailed traffic management plan, written with the input of Devon Highways, Devon & Cornwall Police and an independent consultant, with the aim of minimising disruption to local residents and businesses.

Tribal Clash will take place during the weekend of 1-3 September. We welcome ALL local residents to Bantham during Tribal Clash, and we hope that the measures we have put in place ensures that disruption on the roads is kept to minimum. Here is some key access information to the residents of Bantham and surrounding villages.

Bantham car park will be full and closed for day users from Friday morning until Monday morning. The car park will be accessible only by holders of pre-booked weekend parking permits (sold at

Surfers and regular beach users please be mindful that there will be a 16-lane competition arena erected on the beach, and the competition will include water events. All events will be ran in 10 back to back heats, so there will be competitors in the water, and on the beach racing, all day on Saturday and Sunday. There will be amplified music on the beach, as well as event related infrastructure. Visitors looking for a quiet day on the beach are advised to consider other beaches in the locality, such as South Milton or Bigbury.

There will be no road closures or one way systems in place. Residential traffic will be unaffected. Our parking marshals will direct residential traffic.

A temporary car park will be in operation in a field near the roundabout from A379, from Friday morning until Monday morning, with a free shuttle bus running between the field and the beach (2.5 miles). The charges in this car park are the same as day charges in Bantham car park. Bantham car park season ticket holders will park here without charge. The shuttle bus will be ran by Tally Ho company. This car park will be open from 10am until 6pm. The last shuttle bus will pick up from the beach at 5.45pm. No surf boards will be permitted onto the shuttle bus.

All event traffic will be directed to the Day Car in the field off site, approximately 2.5 miles from the beach, where all participants register and collect their tickets. Only holders of pre-paid weekend parking permits will be allowed to drive down the lane to the beach, everyone else will leave their car in the field and use the shuttle bus to get to the beach (2.5 miles). This applies to even dropping off passengers – no vehicles will be driving to the beach without a parking permit. This will be clearly signposted and marshalled from the roundabout. We aim to keep the lane free from all but necessary event traffic, in order to avoid congestion and gridlock during peak times and thus minimise disruption to local residents. We are also working with our suppliers to arrange deliveries either early morning or late in the evening in the days running up to the event.

The busiest time on the lane will be the arrival on Friday, from 10.30am until 7pm, with peak hours being around lunchtime on Friday. Another busy period will be after the competition finishes and participants depart on Sunday evening after 6pm. We expect around 600 campers staying in Bantham for the duration of the weekend. Some athletes staying elsewhere will be arriving at 8am on Saturday morning and leave at 21:00 in the evening, and arrive again at 8am on Sunday. Holders of Beach Parking permits will drive all the way down to the beach.  Spectators who do not want to buy a weekend parking permit will leave their car in the field near the roundabout and use a shuttle bus to access the beach, this is available from 10am until 6pm.

Tribal Clash is an inspirational celebration of fitness, community and sportsmanship. Come and support the teams, watch the extraordinary battles on the arena and enjoy the atmosphere! Residents and holiday homes of Bantham and West Buckland have received a letter which includes free spectator tickets, please contact us if you have not received this. See you on the beach!