Three rounds for time:-
400m Log Run (6)
12 Synchro (3) Squat Cleans

LOG RUN: Use a six handled log or any heavy object that six people can run with. ALL athletes must remain connected to the log/object at all times. If anyone needs to let go (for any reason) the log must go to ground and travel cease until all hands are on again.

CLEANS: Three barbells are set at 80, 60 and 40KG and positioned in a triangle. Three athletes lift at the same time. All athletes must hit bottom and top position at same moment. Change athletes as required.


We advise using one of our Team Virtuosity Drills to warm up your team before you get stuck into the workout above. These drill are designed to get your team dialled-in to each other and working with smooth and dreamy synchronicity. These drills are great tools and should become a mandatory part of every team training session.

Your weekly dose of team virtuosity!

The aim of these weekly Tribal Smash workouts is to get your individual athletes working together like one single well oiled machine whilst challenging their fitness. Tribal Smash workouts are great fun and relevant to any aspiring team athletes whether they are on a Tribal Clash team or not.

If you are really serious about doing well at this year’s Tribal Clash then why not come along to one of our Team Virtuosity Workshops?