Watch the first in a series of five films that follow a handful of tribes on their road to Tribal Clash 2016. These fly-on-the-wall documentaries give unique insights into the ethos, culture and approach of each tribe as they train and prepare for the Tribal Clash weekend. The first film in the series follows Unit6 CrossFit in Kingsbridge South Devon. CrossFit Aberdeen, Cumbria, Deviant, Gritstone and Cheltenham will follow in the coming weeks.

This first film in the series follows Unit6 CrossFit as they get familiar with the notoriously chilly waters and the energy sapping surface of a shingle beach. Unit6 also drafts in the Kingsbridge Young Farmers Association to give them some pointers for the tug-of-war. The weekend didn’t go without mishaps, but Team Black focused on their teamwork, communication and positive attitude and finished in second place after a nail biting the Final where they were neck on neck with ADAMED Team Poland at the last up-and-over beam. 

Unit6 Team Black is a TEAM. As well as being formidable competitors they are great friends, who spend time together outside the box. The fact that none of them have a bodyweight snatch or is a contender for a spot at the Regionals does not matter at Tribal Clash. This film shows that good teamwork, training together, having a game plan and having fun is the recipe for success at Tribal Clash. 

Unit6 Team Black is:

Liam Krige, 34 (team captain, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor)

Pete Lawrence, 46 (management consultant) 

Ed Stephens, 37 (furniture maker)

Chloe Harvey, 25 (legal secretary)

Rachel Roberts, 28 (marketing professional)

Karen Drews, 35 (physiotherapist) 

Liam, Ed and Rachel competed in a Unit6 team in the inaugural Tribal Clash in 2013 where their teams came 49th and 66th. In 2014 Liam, Chloe, Ed and Pete competed. In 2015 Unit6 Team Black was Liam, Ed, Pete and Chloe, with Liz Stephens and Babs Allen. Karen competed in a different Unit6 team and Rachel was one of the volunteer judges. That year Team Black made it into the semi-finals, won their tug of war which sent them to the Final 10. In the 2015 Final they came last after falling behind on the synchro burpees. For Tribal Clash 2016 Team Black had to make some changes as Liz Stephens was due to have a baby just before the competition. Karen and Rachel were brought in and Liam set his sights on a podium finish.