Is this the old company or a new one?

This company is fresh and new, driven by a new team, passionate about reviving a truly extraordinary and distinctive event. None of these team members were previously involved in organizing the event; they are all enthusiastic athletes and veterans to Tribal Clash who have come together to bring back this amazing experience.

I had a team spot in 2020/2021, is that still valid?

Unfortunately we are not able to honour previous purchases for prior events. Instead we are focusing on learning from the past, using it as a foundation to make positive changes under the new management. The challenges of the pandemic years were not lost on us either. Our new team personally faced the loss of four teams, and when considering our affiliates, the toll rose to over ten teams. We understand the frustration and anger these circumstances caused more than most.

However, we are eager to look ahead. We are thrilled to announce the return of this incredible event to its original home, the stunning Blackpool Sands in Devon, U.K. We hope that past participants will recall the atmosphere and nostalgia of this event and return to the sands for another event.

For those who have heard of Tribal Clash but never had the opportunity to participate, we invite you to embrace the challenge of something unparalleled in today’s fitness competition scene.

It’s been four years since the last Tribal U.K., and we are certain there are many who are unfamiliar with Tribal Clash but are prepared to engage in something unique and exciting. We look forward to seeing new faces and welcoming back familiar ones as we move forward together.

I used to volunteer. Can I be involved again?


These events are only made possible because of the hard work of the crew behind the scenes. They are a big part of what makes the event special and any previous experience is invaluable.

Check out the volunteers page to sign up and get involved!

Will the format be the same?

The format will remain unchanged: a two-day competition featuring a minimum of six scored events for all participating teams. The highlight of the event will undoubtedly be the infamous tug of war semi-final, where the victorious teams will earn the chance to advance to a grueling final showdown! In the end, only one team will emerge victorious and claim the coveted Tribal mask!


What is programmed in Tribal Clash workouts?

Tribal Clash tests team work capacity. The workouts include, but are not limited to: lifting, shifting (carrying, dragging, pulling), locomoting (running, swimming, cycling, paddling) or climbing.  The team that can do most work in the shortest time will score the highest. Tribal Clash involves functional movements utilised in life outside the gym, and we exclude those that we consider movements used for training for real life, such as double-unders or toes to bar.

What does 'team work capacity' mean?

We believe that to truly test team fitness, we need to program for a team, not for six individual athletes. Many team fitness competitions include only events ran in a relay format. Standard gym equipment is designed to be used by one athlete at a time, which doesn’t allow for creative team programming. While a relay format may be appropriate in one event in a multi-event competition, it is not appropriate if this is the only format used across all events. At Tribal Clash we program in a way that tests true team work capacity. This means all six athletes working together as one unit. Tribal Clash events are highly tactical and require exceptional communication skills, and an ability to work together as a team.

What equipment is used at Tribal Clash? Do I need my lifting shoes?

Tribal Clash takes place on a beach, so many competitors don’t use shoes at all. A lot of the equipment we use is specifically designed, manufactured and sourced by Tribal Clash, to be used by a team of 6 athletes.  You won’t see factory engineered barbells on the beach at Tribal Clash, you won’t see Concept 2 rowers, GHD machines or assault bikes either. You will play with logs, tractor tyres, worms, atlas stones and sand bags.

We are not elite athletes, we haven't even done a competition before? Is Tribal Clash suitable for beginners?

Tribal Clash is for everyone. It is not a beginners’ competition, but it is excellent for beginners. Tribal Clash is inclusive because there are very few technical movements that would stop a team from progressing. The programming utilises basic primal movements – running, carrying, dragging, lifting or swimming. There are no heavy barbell snatches or double unders to trip a beginner. There is no olympic weightlifting, in fact there are no barbells at all at Tribal Clash. Many teams come to Tribal Clash to soak in the unique atmosphere, to have fun on the beach, and they don’t care where they place on the leaderboard. We do consider getting yourself up and over a beam a basic human skill, therefore up and overs have been programmed every year. Ultimately Tribal Clash is a competition to find the fittest team, and competition by nature is a test. The fittest teams have six strong athletes that can deal with anything we throw at them. The leaderboard at the end of Day 2 will reflect each team’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Is Tribal Clash a CrossFit competition? We don't train in a CrossFit gym, can we participate?

Tribal Clash is not a competition associated with Crossfit Inc. or The CrossFit Games. We welcome all tribes from all fitness and sporting backgrounds who think they have what it takes and who want to rise to the challenge. Tribal Clash is not exclusively for CrossFit athletes or affiliates. We believe that the best way to train for Tribal Clash is CrossFit-style training. Tribal Clash is an electrifying fusion of functional fitness, obstacle racing and adventure racing, so the best teams have athletes that are well rounded and not averse to running or swimming.

Do we all have to swim in the sea?

Yes. You don’t have to be a competition standard swimmer, but you need to be able to swim (= not drown).

How do we register a team? Are there qualifiers?

There are no qualifiers for Tribal Clash. Team places are strictly limited and once the competition is sold out, we run a standby queue for cancellation spots. You book your place by paying the team entry fee (go to ‘events’). 

Is there a Masters' category?

No – your tribe is your tribe. We firmly believe that age is just a number. In Tribal Clash, where the events are very tactical and require an ability to think logically and stay cool under pressure, experience counts.

What is your refund or cancellation policy? Can we sell our team place if we decide not to compete?

Please read our booking terms and conditions. Team places are non-refundable. In case you have an injury in your team, you can substitute team members all the way until team check-in on Friday before the competition starts. 

We do not allow sale or transfer of team place outside your gym/tribe/affiliate. Team spots sold outside Tribal Clash will not be able to enter the competition.