We had a chat with Mark and Ben of Team Hood & A Pirate (CrossFit Nottingham) after their third consecutive Tribal Clash Portugal victory on Praia Almargem. Mark and Ben gave some insights into the unique chemistry and work ethic in their team;

“You always hear when someone does well that it was because they gave it their all and work hard, but that’s a given. Everyone does that, it’s just a foundation.”

“When we hear what the wods are, we get together before our heat and discuss how we are going to approach the workout, we discuss the flow of the workout and break it down to sections. Mark will have a plan and we probably will adjust it a bit, we think about the positions of each team member on the equipment if there is a worm involved. There are no egos in this team, you could give any role to any team member and they would do it without questions. At the end, we have six people who all want the team to do well and who will do anything to make that happen.”

It was a real pleasure talking to the boys and we look forward to seeing them again on a beach, in the sand pit, somewhere in the world!