Tribal Clash is a competition for 6 athletes. The teams must consist of 3 men and 3 women. There are no exceptions to this rule. All athletes must be over 18 on the Friday before the competition. There is no upper age limit. There are no separate categories in the competition (Rx/Scaled/Masters). Your tribe is your tribe, and you use the athletes that you have in your tribe.



Tribal Clash competition takes place on Saturday and Sunday. Teams check in on site on Friday afternoon. All teams receive a registration pack at check-in. Please check your registration pack when you receive it. Our check-in team will talk you through the contents, but it is your responsibility to check that you have received your wristbands and timing chips (if appropriate).

The team captain must make sure that all team members have completed and signed the Tribal Clash Electronic Waiver. The waiver can only be completed online. Your team’s athlete wristbands will not be released to you at Registration unless all team members have completed the electronic waiver. The athlete wristbands will not be released to individual team members.



Tribal Clash workouts, or ‘events’, are not published before the competition. All events will be announced and briefed at the Athlete Briefing on Friday evening prior to the first competition day. Although attendance is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that at least one person of the team attends the Athlete Briefing to hear the movement standards and watch a demo of the events.



After your team has checked in on Friday at the athlete check-in, no substitutions can be made. Your team must start and finish all events as a team of 6 athletes. If one of your team members has to withdraw from the competition e.g. due to injury, your team cannot continue in the competition as a team of 5. Your team can do the workouts ‘for fun’ and participate in the competition, but these workouts where you don’t have a full squad will not be scored and your team will not advance on the leaderboard. Please take care when handling unusual and odd objects and listen to the advice from Tribal Clash staff.

There is no minimum work requirement for any Tribal Clash workout. If a team misses an entire event, they can still score in all the other events they complete.

Head Judge or Event Director can stop or suspend an athlete or team at any time if they believe that the athlete is causing a risk of serious injury to themselves or others.


Tribal Clash is designed to find the most capable teams in the land. Tribal Clash is, therefore, designed to be a competition. We invite teams to come and participate ‘for fun’, the beach festival vibe is an essential part of Tribal Clash. Please note that it is not guaranteed that all teams do the same number of events. Some teams may be eliminated after the first day of competition (Tribal Clash Portugal & Tribal Clash UK). Further teams may be eliminated during the competition. Some teams may not advance to Day 2 based on scores after Day 1 (Tribal Clash Portugal). We reserve the right to change, alter and modify the competition format, event design, scoring, or any part of the competition at any time before and during the competition. 


Your team will race in several individually scored events through the weekend.  The performance of each team in an event will result in a score and a subsequent placing on the leaderboard. Based on the team’s relative rank (their ranking when compared to other teams in the event) the team will be assigned points. The team with the best score in the event, will earn 1 point. The team with the second best, will earn 2 points, and so on. Note that in our archived leaderboards, the points ranking was reversed in 2017. In previous years, the best performing team received the highest points value in an event.

Some events have tiebreakers in the scoring system to determine the ranking of each team. If teams remain tied after this tiebreaker, the ties will not be broken for single event results. More than one team can share an event rank. The team with the best performances across multiple events, will finish in first position after two days.

Your team will be asked to sign their score sheet at the end of each event. Please check your score sheet carefully before signing. By signing the score sheet, you are deemed to have confirmed the score to be correct.

If you believe your judge has made an error during the event and you want to challenge your judge’s decision, please speak to Rob Clemens, Head Judge, after your heat but no later than 2 hours after your heat finish time. Video footage of your heat is not admissible. If you believe that your team’s score is not accurately presented on the competition leaderboard, please speak to Jayne Clemens, Head of Scoring.

In some events you may be required to wear a timing chip. If your chip is missing, you will not receive a score for that particular event.



Tribal Clash is an inclusive and friendly event and, most of all, we want all our participants to have a fun weekend. We expect all our athletes to behave and compete in a sportsmanlike manner.  Unsportsmanlike behaviour, such as arguing with Tribal Clash staff, non-compliance with a judge’s instructions, bickering with or questioning of a judge or staff, any unpleasant or threatening behaviour towards a judge, member of staff, sponsor, spectator, other athlete or venue operator or owner, as determined by Tribal Clash, in its sole and absolute discretion, may result in a disqualification of the athlete from the competition and/or future competitions. This includes derogatory comments from an athlete’s coach, representative, teammate(s), supporters, guests or entourage. All athletes will be held accountable for the behaviour of their entire tribe, including supporters, coaches and guests. We do not take decisions to disqualify a tribe lightly, and in our 6-year history only one facility has had to be banned from all Tribal Clash events because of unsportsmanlike behaviour at Tribal Clash. Our community is supportive, kind and fair and we want it to stay that way!



Belts, gloves, tape, neoprene joint sleeves and all common fitness wear are allowed during the competition. No gear offering grip assistance or weight support is permitted. In general, any gear that offers protection and improves safety & comfort is permitted. In the water, wearable buoyancy aids such as life jackets or arm bands are permitted. No floatation devices such as rafts or floats are permitted. No fins or flippers are permitted. Wetsuits are permitted and indeed recommended in the UK. Trail shoes are permitted, shoes with grip can be worn throughout the competition. If in doubt, check with Athlete Support team before your heat. The Head Judge has final say on what gear or equipment is permitted on the arena. Please note that once your heat has started, your team cannot receive any outside assistance, including water, chalk, tape or equipment, from spectators.



Spectators can use personal, non-professional non-flash hand held stills and video camera equipment, for personal use only. Tripods and drones are not permitted and will be removed from the venue. Spectators or athletes may not distribute, use, reproduce, stream, upload, transmit, broadcast, link, exploit or license any  images, pictures, film, digital, video or audio recording for any commercial purpose without the prior express written consent of Tribal Clash.

The Tribal Clash brand or logo cannot be used or reproduced for any purpose without the prior express written consent of Tribal Clash. The use of Tribal Clash logo or branding on team or athlete apparel without express written consent of Tribal Clash is not permitted and such garments cannot be worn on the arena.