In a team of 6 athletes, complete as many rounds and reps in 12 minutes of:

20 Shoulder To Overhead with a truck tyre (3 athletes working at a time)

20 Synchro burpees (3 athletes working at a time)

On 3-2-1-GO, tyre must be lifted to shoulder and must remain over shoulder height throughout the 12 minute workout. All athletes on the tyre must reach lockout at the same time. If the tyre falls on the floor, the whole team must complete a 400m run as a penalty. Work on your transitions swapping athletes in and out, decide who calls the pace and how you position the athletes around the tyre.

In synchro burpees, all three athletes working must get chest to floor at the same time, and reach full extension with a clap overhead at the same time.



In a team of 6 athletes

For time:

150 synchro wall ball shots (9kg/6kg)

There are few better workouts to test your mental grit and pain threshold than ‘Karen’ – 150 wall ball shots for time. Your quads and shoulders will be on fire and it quickly becomes a battle of wills, you against the ball.

Tribal ‘Karen’ will be performed by a team of 6 athletes simultaneously. All athletes must hit bottom position of squat (below parallel) at the same moment and all balls must make contact with the target or above the line at the same moment for the rep to count. All athletes should aim for the same height target or line regardless of height or gender. Have a counter/judge to stand well back from the wall so he or she can clearly see the big picture. Get him or her to count good reps out loud so the team knows how they are doing. If you are not an established team you may have to have a few practice sets to get your rhythm in sync, you will see that it is not as easy as it sounds!

You will find out quickly where your team’s mental breaking point is. Can you stick to your strategy and perform the workout according to your plan?


New home for Tribal Clash UK: Bantham Beach, Devon

We are absolutely thrilled to finally be able to share with you this exciting piece of news regarding Tribal Clash UK: In 2017, Tribal Clash UK will be moving from Blackpool Sands to Bantham Beach. We have been talking to Bantham Estate since the early 2015 regarding working together to evolve Tribal Clash into one of the premier events in the UK, and we are excited that the Estate has now agreed to host Tribal Clash next September.

Finding and securing a venue for Tribal Clash is always a lengthy process and involves months and months of discussions, site visits and consultations, and UK is no different from our international events. Our Portugal event was a result of two years of research, meetings, emails and permit applications, so although we first approached Bantham in 2015, an agreement was not reached until now.

Bantham Beach was named by Lonely Planet last year as one of the top 10 beaches in Europe and the only UK beach to make the list. It is, without question, one of the finest beaches in the UK. Set at the mouth of river Avon, this undeveloped white sandy beach is backed by sand dunes and enjoys stunning views of the Burgh Island on the other side of the Avon estuary. Bantham is also one of England’s premier surf beaches with a wave that rivals many famous overseas spots when it’s on.

For Tribal Clash, this new venue offers numerous benefits, as well as challenges – below we will discuss some of them!

What made you want to move Tribal Clash from its birthplace Blackpool Sands?

We had outgrown Blackpool Sands, and whereas the beach itself is absolutely perfect for a competition, with its flat grass area, the east-facing location which makes it sheltered from the prevailing winds, to name a few, it was not without problems. We struggled to find a solution to the catering issue because of strict licensing terms with the cafe on the beach (we were forbidden to sell food and drink), and the campsite was not big enough as the event grew. We looked everywhere along the south and west coast of England for a beach where we could have most of the participants parking and camping at the venue, and we kept coming back to Bantham. The estate changed owners a few years ago and under new management the time was right to begin discussions to stage Bantham’s first large scale event.

What is going to be improved in the new venue?

For the competition, this offers exciting opportunities because of the vast beach that will be available for us. Our options for events featuring run or swim will be much improved, as the Coastal Path offers many challenging climbs and water crossings around the area. All athletes will be pleased to see the soft fine sand in Bantham, which is much more forgiving, and much less soul destroying than the Blackpool Sands shingle. We may even see some actual sprinting in a possible team log carry event!

Bantham car park is huge, and on a busy day it can fit 1000 cars. We will now be able to have 500+ cars parking at the venue, instead of off site with people having to take a shuttle bus to the beach. We know this is what our participants wanted, so we are extremely happy that we can now offer this. Moreover, we have secured the use of an adjoining field behind the car park, which will be the Tribal Clash campsite, providing sufficient space for at least 500 campers next to the car park and the beach. We will also be able to have event registration on the beach, so everything will be in one place, removing the need for complicated drop-off and parking arrangements.

We are also very pleased to say that there will be an improved food and drink offer at Tribal Clash next year. Gastrobus, the food truck operating on the beach, will be joined with our own Tribal Kitchen, offering fast and delicious athlete friendly food and drink. The Sloop Inn in Bantham village, a short walk from the beach, is an atmospheric pub with a delicious menu including local seafood and meat.

And last, next year you will be able to bring your dog to Tribal Clash. Dogs are not allowed on the main beach, but they are most welcome in the campsite, in the event village and on the ‘dog beach’ at Ham Point by the river where they can enjoy a dip in the sea!

What are the challenges in Bantham for the competition? 

Bantham is very tidal which creates a new challenge for programming and arena design. We picked a weekend of neap tides where we have the least water flowing within a 30 day window, but regardless of tide height, the size and shape of the beach will change considerably in a 12 hour period. During the Tribal Clash weekend, high tide will be in the afternoon, which is when we will have to schedule any events featuring water. We have to work with a changing beach and ensure that each individual event will have consistent conditions throughout even during the changing tide. During low tide in the morning we will have a vast expanse of the beach to play with.  We are working on an ‘adjustable’ arena design where the lanes will extend with the tides – this will be extremely challenging but if anyone can nail it it’s us!

As always in a UK based outdoor event, we are always operating with a risk of extreme weather. Bantham is a South West facing beach, meaning that it is exposed to the prevailing southwesterly wind. Even in a neap tide weekend, if we happen to get strong winds, the wind is likely to push any swell further over the high tide mark. We will not be able to decide the length of the arena and the lanes until we have clear visibility of the weekend’s weather forecast.

Bantham is a reliable surf break, resulting from the sand bars constructed by the river Avon. It gets quite sizeable swell especially after Atlantic storms, and attracts big crowds when the surf is pumping. As in any surf breaks, there are also strong rip currents that come with the swell. Safety is paramount at Tribal Clash.

Wow that sounds tricky. Is it going to be safe to get in the water at all? 

Bantham is our local beach. We are both kitesurfers and we have been kiting in Bantham for years, we know this beach like the back of our hands. In addition, we use the knowledge of the local lifeguards (two of whom are members at our home box and Tribal Clash veterans) to steer us in our programming. We are confident that the new home of Tribal Clash UK will deliver a competition which is even better and more memorable for all the athletes, spectators, staff and partners.

But we have already made travel plans!

Bantham is only 15 miles from Blackpool Sands, and 5 miles from Kingsbridge. If you have a dilemma, contact us at and we’d be happy to help.

Awesome. I’d like to get a team in, how can we sign up? 

Tribal Clash UK is totally sold out, we have a reserve list of 90 teams wanting to get in. We are working on a way of allocating team places in the future that is fair, because of the growing demand from not just CrossFit gyms, but obstacle racers and adventure racers. Tribal Clash offers the perfect mix of functional fitness, obstacle racing, adventure, delivered in a festival atmosphere in a stunning location. If you missed a team place this year, come as a spectator, get behind a tribe and enjoy the party!

At Tribal Clash, age is not an excuse, it’s an asset

We get requests every year to include a Masters’ category at Tribal Clash. The reasoning behind having 40+ athletes in a separate competition is, allegedly, that they cannot hold their own against younger athletes and it would be more fair and more enjoyable to compete on a level playing field. We disagree wholeheartedly with this sentiment and confirm that there will never be a separate Masters’ category at Tribal Clash.

Tribal Clash aims to discover the most capable teams on earth. Capability is more than just fitness, endurance or strength. Capability also includes intelligence, determination, resourcefulness and attitude. The young guns might have the firepower but they often lack the strategic thinking, experience and leadership skills that come with maturity and count for a lot at Tribal Clash. Your tribe is your tribe. We refuse to make exceptions for tribe members based on age or gender or any other denominator, therefore there will never be a masters category at Tribal Clash. Forget about age. Pick your best team. Your tribe is your tribe.

There were five athletes on the arena in Tribal Clash 2016 who were aged 50 or over in the competition. A further 23 athletes were aged 45-49 at the time of the competition, a few will be celebrating their 50th birthday next year and we hope to see them return to Tribal Clash next year with their tribes.

Clare Booth (pictured here in action in ‘Tribal Fran’) was part of Unit6 CrossFit Team Gold in Tribal Clash 2016, this was her third Tribal Clash and she was 51 years old, in a team with younger team members. Unit6 CrossFit Team Gold came 14th on points after two days of tough events, and they earned their place in a semi-final in a highly competitive field with the most challenging programming we have seen in Tribal Clash to date.  

The success of teams composed of a diverse mix of athletes demonstrates that in Tribal Clash, age is irrelevant. What matters more is how often you train together, how organised you are as a team, how well you communicate.

Pete Lawrence at a respectful age of 46 is an integral part of Unit6 CrossFit Team Black, who finished first place on points and made it into the final 10 in 2015. This year Unit6 Team Black, with Karen Drews and Rachel Roberts replacing Liz Stephens and Babs Allen, finished the two days of events in 4th place behind Jonny Thompson’s CrossFit Cumbria 1 where Mary Ballantyne (46) played a big part in the team’s success this year. After the tug of war, they were back in the Final 10. With two RNLI lifeguards in the team, it was no surprise that they overtook everyone in the paddleboard race, held on to their position and claimed 2nd place in the competition.

Finally, who can forget Team Poland! Losing out narrowly last year, this year they finished 5th on points behind Unit6 Team Black, secured their place in the final and then went for it. ADAMED Team Poland was crowned the 2016 Tribal Clash Champions with Emilia Hoff as one of the three female athletes in the team, she was 45 years old at the time of the competition in August.

In Tribal Clash, every team member has a part to play. Our programming favours those teams that have strong leadership, who are able to keep cool under pressure, think strategically and communicate well. In other words, experience counts. Your tribe is your tribe – assemble your best team, regardless of age.

5 good reasons to sign up for Tribal Clash Portugal

Tribal Clash UK is totally sold out and we have a waiting list which now extends to 80 teams. The thought of so many teams not being able to feel the pain on the sand next year makes us very sad, so we wanted to encourage all those tribes wanting some Tribal Clash action to go and try grab the remaining team places in Tribal Clash Portugal while there are still some left. If the prospect of enjoying cold beers on a white sandy Algarve beach on Sunday 30th April basking in the glory of your achievement is not enough, we have put together some good reasons why you need to go and book your team place now!

1. Guaranteed sunshine!

 If you are a seasoned Tribal Clasher, or if you have attended any UK summer festivals, you know that the weather is unreliable at best, absolutely hideous at worst. All the way from drizzle and gale force winds to Glastonbury mud baths, the UK summer weather can deliver a very uncomfortable weekend. You could be very lucky and have sunshine rivalling Mediterranean conditions – or you could be freezing in your down parka having a long hard thing about your life.

Not so in the Algarve. Year-round sunshine is almost guaranteed, the climate is warm and it’s not surprising that thousands of tourists travel to the Algarve every year to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and quaint whitewashed historic villages. Tribal Clash in Portugal will be a true beach party where you will be working out in your bikini or boardies, soaking up the sun. Temperatures at the end of April will be in the 20’s (Celsius),  the sea will be much warmer already than the chilly Start Bay waters, but the tourism season hasn’t kicked in yet so you will have the beaches all to yourself. 

2. Soft fine sandy beach for your burpees

Every year, athletes describe the Blackpool Sands shingle sucking the soul out of them. Running on the beach is like wading in treacle, and that 1 km log run made grown men cry. Praia do Almargem is a classic Portuguese beach with miles and miles of white sand, and you will be sprinting like Usain Bolt on it.

3. Cheap flights from all over the UK

If you are driving to Devon from, say, Leeds, you will be spending on average £50 in fuel one way, or £100 in total, and spend 5 1/2 on the road each way. For those many tribes travelling from Scotland, the cost and travel time is even greater. Package airlines such as Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Ryanair flying to Faro offer one way flights from £29. Depending on dates and times, you can get a return flight to Faro from any UK airport for under £100. Add the guaranteed sunshine and you have an experience fit for the bucket list. 

4. Cheap hotel accommodation 

We love camping here at Tribal Clash, especially wild camping where you hike for miles to a secret spot on the moors, pitch up by the river and go feral for a few days. But sometimes you just need your modern comforts, especially if you are facing two days of beastings on the beach. Algarve has hotels for every taste and budget, and the Tribal Clash beach has the holiday resorts towns of Vilamoura and Quarteira as its neighbours. You can find a very good, clean and comfortable hotel room for under £50 per night for two people sharing. We recommend you use the search portal for prices and deals, type Vilamoura or Quarteira into the search box.

For a super easy, hassle-free weekend you can book into Hotel Zodiaco for EUR43, that’s £35 per night for two people. This is a fantastic little hotel, clean and comfortable and within short walking distance from the Tribal Clash beach. You would not even need a hire car as the airport is a short 20 minute taxi ride away. 

5. Increase your chances for qualifying for the European Series Final

We will be inviting top 20 teams from each stage to compete in an electrifying two-day series final in a yet undisclosed location. At the time of writing, we are waiting for the final green light from the town officials but we can’t wait to tell you what we have in store for you. The venue will blow your socks off, it is the ultimate athletic honour and seeped in history and drama. To be able to participate in this competition would be an experience of a lifetime. Tribal Clash UK is getting more and more competitive each year and because of the shortage of team places and most affiliates only being allocated one spot, affiliates are sending in their best competitive athletes. The new European competitions will be in an exploratory stage and we have lots of new teams from Europe signed up for whom Tribal Clash is a brand new experience. If you are a team of Tribal Clash regulars who have nailed up and overs, atlas stones and worm lunges, why not go and try your chances in Portugal and Norway instead and aim for that podium finish. 

6. …. and a bonus: 

Tribal Clash Portugal is less than six months away!
Team entry fee is £660, or £110 per athlete, you register by paying for your team place here – you will then receive a confirmation and then further communication from us closer to the competition. Remember that you don’t have to have your team assembled at the time of booking, you can change your team as many times as you like all the way up to registration. We collect the names of your team members via electronic waivers so you don’t have to submit any additional information to us.

If you have any questions please email

Tribal Clash Portugal 2017

14429306_10157430265325640_137014392_nTribal Clash HQ is on location in the Algarve, Portugal, working on plans to deliver the inaugural Tribal Clash Portugal in April 2017. Three intense days full of meetings and scoping out the area – we have a meeting with the local mayor, and we are spending some time with our local ground partners who will be working with us to put all the event infrastructure in place. This will be the first one of our international events, and we believe we have picked a superb location for you.

The Algarve is the southernmost part of Portugal, a famous beach holiday destination because of the sunny southern European climate, beautiful pristine beaches and whitewashed fishing villages scattering the coastline. Flights from all over Europe are frequent and inexpensive, and the region is small enough that even the most western tip of the Algarve, Sagres, can be reached from Faro airport in just over an hour. And while we know that the most hardcore Tribal Clashers are avid campers, most of you will be pleased to hear that hotel accommodation in the Algarve is much easier to find than it is in South Devon in August! Villas with swimming pools, hotels, or even campsites, are all available close by and because end of April is outside the main beach season, most hotels and villa operators will be charging off-season prices.

Weather at the end of April will already be sunny and warm but not unbearably hot, making it an ideal time of year for a bit of exercise on the beach. Sunshine is near guaranteed, much more so than in Devon in August.


Tribal Clash European events will follow the exact Tribal Clash formula that we have successfully developed in the UK. Programming and equipment will be similar to what we have already thrown at you in Tribal Clash UK, one or two events may even be the same across all the European competitions in 2017. You can expect several events over two days, where the teams will be tested on team work capacity. The events will be kept secret until the competition, but they are likely to include lifting, shifting (carrying, dragging, pulling or flipping), locomoting (running, swimming, cycling or paddling) and climbing. The team that can do most work in the shortest time will score the highest. Top 20 teams will advance to a semi-final, which is always a tug of war. Winners of each tug of war will advance to a Final. The winner of the Final will be the Tribal Clash Portugal Champion. In other words, what you have is Tribal Clash plus guaranteed sunshine.

We program primal, functional movements, what we don’t program is movements that are ‘training’ movements, that train fitness in a controlled environment (the gym) but have no actual use in everyday life, such as double unders. We include odd objects, such as sandbags or atlas stones, rather than engineered and industrially crafted barbells. We favour equipment that can be used by all six team members together – which excludes barbells and jump rope – and thus tests team coordination and communication skills as well team strength, speed, stamina, endurance or power.

This is why we believe that Tribal Clash is unique in the world of team fitness racing: We are hard but inclusive competition, the movements at Tribal Clash don’t usually require technical mastery that can only be achieved in a gym, but basic fitness and an ability to work together as a team. We believe that the best way to train for Tribal Clash is CrossFit but we don’t think only CrossFit athletes have a chance to podium at Tribal Clash – so we think all tribes who love being outdoors and enjoy a challenge should come and have a go!


Teams, here are your events for Sunday 21st August


Please note that we have switched the order of the events from previously published. The day will now start with Event 5, The Rings, because of the current weather forecast and the tides. This means your heat start times have changed slightly, here is the revised schedule for Sunday:

TC2016 Sunday Revised Schedule

See you bright an early at 7am!


Hello Tribal Clashers!

We look forward to seeing you all at Stoke Fleming Village Hall for registration.

If you are competing, here’s the registration process again:

  1. All athletes should have completed the digital waiver. If we don’t have 6 completed waivers for your team, you will not be competing. Here is the link again.
  2. All athletes should print, and complete, and sign, a medical questionnaire. Here it is again: Tribal Clash Medical Questionnaire.
  3. Your team captain brings the completed Medical Questionnaires to registration, and if we have your waivers, you will receive your team packs and your lane board.

If you have booked any camping, spectator or parking tickets, you will pick them up at Registration as well.