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TRIBAL CLASH 2017: Saturday 2nd September Events

EVENT 1: RAM RAID  TIME CAP: 5 MINUTES EQUIPMENT: 6 HANDLED SLOSH LOG (weight apprx 50kg) SCORE: TIME TO COMPLETE Athletes start lying behind the start line. On go all 6 athletes must swing from one side of the rig to the other using the rope. If any athlete fails to complete the rope swing […]

Tribal Clash UK 2017 Event Manual & Medical Form

The UK 2017 event manual is now available to download here: Click on this link to read and download: TRIBAL CLASH 2017 EVENT MANUAL Please read through, even if you are a Tribal Clash veteran of several years. Our Event Manual has important information about where and how to check in, where to park, how the […]


SUNDAY 30TH APRIL EVENTS   EVENT 6: ‘THE RUN’ Time cap: none Score: The combined finishing positions of all six athletes This event is a trail run of undisclosed distance on mixed terrain.   EVENT 7: ‘THE PADDLE’ Time cap: 15 minutes Score: Time to complete This event is a team standup paddleboard race. On […]


Tribal Clash Portugal teams, here are your events for Saturday 29th April. Event 1 Heat 1 starts at 10.00. We have floodlights on the beach, prepare for a long day – get some rest and we’ll see you on the arena tomorrow morning! TCPORTUGAL 2017 SATURDAY 29th APRIL EVENTS


In teams of 6 athletes, perform as many rounds and reps in 15 minutes of: 20 ground to overhead with a tractor tyre (3 athletes working at a time) 20 synchro pull ups (3 athletes working at a time) 20 synchro kettlebell swings (3 athletes working at a time) Rules: The workout has to be […]

Inside The Tribe: Unit6 CrossFit

Watch the first in a series of five films that follow a handful of tribes on their road to Tribal Clash 2016. These fly-on-the-wall documentaries give unique insights into the ethos, culture and approach of each tribe as they train and prepare for the Tribal Clash weekend. The first film in the series follows Unit6 […]