Join our tribe! An opportunity to become a shareholder in Tribal Clash

Tribal Clash Portugal 2018 was off the charts. This was the best competition we have delivered to date, and you agreed: we sold out Tribal Clash Portugal 2019 – 160 team spots in total – in just 90 minutes, despite our website collapsing under the traffic. The messages we have received, about the weekend in Portugal being life changing, transformational, one of the best experiences in one’s lifetime – this is why Tribal Clash came to be. What started as an experimental beach throwdown in a remote corner of Devon in 2013 is now more than just another fitness competition among many fitness competitions.

Tribal Clash is ready, we are ready, the world is ready, for Tribal Clash 2.0. And we want you to come with us.

We are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube to roll out Tribal Clash into a global event series. We are raising £180,000 in equity, which will support the launch of our next four international events. Our aim is to build Tribal Clash into a 10-15 event global series, with a worldwide final, in 3 years. We now have the team and the production capability to deliver Tribal Clash anywhere in the world, as you all witnessed in Portugal.

Australia and California are next. Brazil, Dubai, South Africa, China, East Coast USA, Singapore are in production. Imagine Tribal Clash in the world’s most iconic beaches, and a season finale in a secret exotic location with some of the most insane programming ever imagined by a human brain, broadcast live. Ironman did this in triathlons, Spartan Race has done it in Obstacle Racing. We believe Tribal Clash can be the defining brand for functional fitness competitions worldwide.

You now have a unique chance to join our tribe and own a part of Tribal Clash. During our Crowdcube campaign, you can invest in Tribal Clash and receive shares in the company in return. You can become a shareholder in Tribal Clash with as little as £10. You will then have partial ownership of the company so you will stand to benefit if the company does well. The opposite is also true: if Tribal Clash fails, you might lose some or all of your investment. Equity crowdfunding platforms such as Crowdcube have made investing in early stage start-ups possible for ordinary people, previously this was an opportunity reserved for wealthy individuals or venture capital funds. Investing on Crowdcube is easy an takes just a couple of minutes, find out more here.

Our campaign will start by offering you, our community an opportunity to register your interest first. This may be the only time we are offering an opportunity to become a shareholder in Tribal Clash, own part of the company. Once we have reached our funding target, the investment round will close, and we will forge full steam ahead with our plan to create the world’s best competition series for amateur athletes.

On Wednesday 23rd May the link to access the equity crowdfunding campaign pre-registration page will be available here on our website, it will also be sent to the 3,500 people on our mailing list and published on our social media accounts. We hope you will join our tribe and come with us on this epic adventure to some of the world’s most iconic beaches. With your support, we can build something extraordinary; and create inspirational and transformative experiences for thousands of people around the world. Stronger together. Welcome to our tribe!


Athlete standards and minimum level

Tribal Clash is an inclusive competition because there are no qualifiers, and because you are working in a team. Being in a team with 5 other athletes means that your team mates will support you and your team’s score is the combined score of all your efforts. We program Tribal Clash events to test team work capacity; how well you perform as a team, versus the sum of the performances of 6 individual athletes. These are two different things. Tribal Clash is unique in the way the events get you to work together as a team.

Here are some basic standards that ensure that your team does not come to a dead stop in most of the events that we program. If you cannot achieve these at the time of booking, that’s cool – you have plenty of time to train, but make sure you do. Our programming is done on the assumption that athletes competing at Tribal Clash can comfortably achieve the following:

  1. Rope climbs
  2. Run 5K under 24 minutes
  3. 250m open water swim
  4. 400m swim in a swimming pool under 8 minutes
  5. Girls lift a 42kg atlas stone to shoulder, boys lift a 66kg atlas stone.



For reps

10 log worm thrusters

Worm lunge to shoreline

2 swim laps with a rescue board

log worm lunge back to the lane

AMRAP log worm thrusters in time remaining.


The team starts with chest to sand behind the baseline. On GO the team proceeds to the log worm and completes 10 log worm thrusters. All athletes must reach below parallel at the same time. The log should be transferred to opposite shoulder on each rep. The athletes do not need to lock out overhead. When all the thrusters have been completed, the team lunges the worm to the shoreline. All athletes must have knee to sand at the same time reaching full extension at the top of the lunge. No shuffling is allowed, this will result in a back lunge penalty. At the shoreline the last team member must cross the line of the barriers, the team picks up a rescue board and proceeds to swim a marked course around a buoy. All athletes must be in contact with the board at all times. After the first swim lap the board comes back to the lane on the shore.  The board must touch the sand and all athletes stood with hands in air. The team proceeds onto a second swim lap around the buoy. Once the lap has been completed and the board is back in its starting position, the team picks up the log worm again and lunges it back to the lane. The team then completes as many log worm thrusters as possible in time remaining.

Time cap: 16 minutes



For reps

The team starts with chest to sand behind the baseline. Behind the baseline they have one truck tyre and five (5) sandbags weighing 60kg. On the lane they have two up and over beams. On GO the team starts to transport the objects from one end of the lane to the other. The athletes, tyre and sandbags must go over the beams. The athletes can be assisted. Once the truck tyre has been lifted off the floor, it must not touch the ground between the two base lines. The team can have any number of athletes carrying the objects. All objects must be carried and not dragged.  Any infringement will equal a 10 second time penalty.  The judges will keep you behind the baseline for the time of any penalties incurred before the objects can be moved back down the lane. The team scores one rep per object + athlete behind the baseline. The tyre must be on the floor first and the sand bags on top for the reps to count.

Time cap: 12 minutes