The UK 2017 event manual is now available to download here:

Click on this link to read and download: TRIBAL CLASH 2017 EVENT MANUAL

Please read through, even if you are a Tribal Clash veteran of several years. Our Event Manual has important information about where and how to check in, where to park, how the competition is run, and – very importantly – what food is available on the beach.

This year we will be in a new venue, and with the new venue we have had to make some changes to traffic and parking arrangements.

The key changes are:

  • There will be no drop off/pick up area in Bantham from the off-site car park. The lane is a dead end and ends at the gate to the beach.
  • You can only drive down to the beach from Registration and off-site car park onwards (2.6 miles away) if you have a valid beach parking permit. This includes even to drop off/pick up passengers.
  • On Friday 1st September (arrival day) traffic to the beach from Registration & off-site car park (2.6 miles away) is one way only (to the beach) until 21:00.
  • Off-site car park is available for spectators. This is open from 10am until 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is a shuttle bus (16 seats) operating between the car park and the beach during the opening hours. Please note that this car park is not intended to serve the athletes – the heats start at 8.30am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. The shuttle bus will pick up every 30 minutes.
  • Our parking and traffic plan aims to avoid total gridlock on the narrow lane. The lane is a SINGLE LANE – with one lane for traffic going in both directions. The lane has intermittent passing places. With a high volume of cars travelling in both directions, the lane comes to a standstill for two hours. Bantham is our local beach so we know this for a fact. We have been caught in the Bantham lane gridlock many times during a sunny summer weekend.
  • If you are camping and want to bring a car to Bantham for three days and three nights, you need a beach parking permit. Alternative overnight parking is available in Kingsbridge in metered car parks operated by South Hams District Council.

Thank you to all the athletes who have completed the online waiver  without us having to chase you! Please be a good Tribal Clasher and help us complete our team admin early! Team captains, be good leaders and organise your athletes.  All athletes must also print and complete the Tribal Clash medical questionnaire. You can download this here: Tribal Clash Medical Questionnaire.