Tournament format

The tournament consists of six punishing team workouts, released two at a time over three weeks in August, followed by a live head to head final for the top ten teams. The six qualifying workouts are designed to be completed in the comfort of your own box/gym at the exact same time as all other teams across Europe. 

Each week, both events must be completed back to back with no break and a continuously rolling clock. This is intended to be a once and done event with all teams completing the workouts ‘unseen’ at the same time. 

The top ten teams after three weeks (or six events) will qualify to go head to head in a live ‘clean slate’ final which will be adjudicated by our staff and will take place on Saturday 12th September. 

Expect brutal ‘tribal style’ programming that will test your mental fortitude, teamwork, strength and endurance. Events will be highly tactical as well as fun. 

There will be £1200 prize money up for grabs for the top team each week and a £10,200 total prize pot for the overall competition winners. 

As much as social distancing measures allow, we encourage you to make this a community event. Get your whole tribe along to enjoy the live music and get behind your team or teams. 


Friday 14th August: 20.1 and 20.2

Friday 21st August: 20.3 and 20.4

Friday 28th August: 20.5 and 20.6

Saturday 12th September: 20.7 FINAL for top 10 teams after 6 scored events

Workout announcements

Each week of the qualifiers, the workout announcements will be made live on Instagram at 18:00 on Friday evenings starting 14th August. A full explanation of each workout and movement standards will be given as well as a demonstration by our demo team. Following the announcement and demo you will have roughly half an hour to get your equipment ready and devise your team strategy. At 19:00 we will give you your ten second countdown to start the workout. This will be immediately followed by a live DJ set from resident DJ Billy Hannah. This will be a live event like no other. Together but apart.

Team composition
Tribal Clash is for teams of 6 athletes. The teams must consist of 3 men and 3 women. There are no exceptions to this rule. All athletes must be over 16 on the day of the competition. There is no upper age limit. There are no separate categories in the tournament (Rx/Scaled/Masters). Team members do not have to be from the same gym. Team members can change from week to week, as long as one male and one female athlete remain the same throughout. The same six team members must take part in both workouts released each week. Every member of any team that qualifies for the final must have taken part in at least one of the qualifying weekend’s for that same team. The six athletes who make up this team must be confirmed and registered on CompetitionCorner by Friday 11th September. If you have registered teams for multiple competitions (ie one team for Tribal Clash Portugal and one team for Tribal Clash UK) or you are unable to take part in the online competition then you are permitted to transfer the spot to another person. 

Team registration

Teams that are registered for Tribal Clash Portugal 2020 and Tribal Clash UK 2020 will automatically be entered into the Tribal Clash Online Tournament 2020. This will show on CompetitionCorner as a separate event. 

Team captains are responsible for making sure that their team’s information is up to date on CompetitionCorner. They should log in to CompetitionCorner using the email address and password they originally registered with and locate their team details for the competition they originally signed up for. They should check that their name, email address, team name and affiliate name are all correct as these are the details that will be transferred across to the new Tournament. It is not necessary for all team members to be registered in CompetitionCorner. Please ensure that your team details are up to date by Saturday 1st August.  

Team captains that had registered teams in more than one competition will be able to transfer one of their spots to a new team captain. To do this, log in on CompetitionCorner, add the new team captain to your team roster then click the button beside their name to set them as the captain. They will then be able to log in using their email address and update the team details as required. 


Each weekend, a prize of £1200 will be awarded to the team that has the combined highest placing for that weekend’s events. The 2nd and 3rd placing teams will receive some Tribal Stash for all team members. After workouts 20.4 and 20.6, the prize winner will not necessarily be the team that is at the top of the overall leaderboard, as this will show the combined scores from all previous workouts. The top ten teams after all six workouts will then be invited to take part in a live final where there will be a prize pot of £10,200. Prizes will only be awarded once all video submissions have been verified. 


Movement standards will be judged as per the 2020 CrossFit Open which took place in October 2019. Any movements that are unique to Tribal Clash or any movement standards that are different to those in the CrossFit Open will be fully explained. Any prohibited equipment or techniques will be highlighted.

It is the responsibility of every athlete to make sure they meet the standards required in the competition, and have sufficient proficiency to complete the events safely.


Teams are responsible for ensuring that they complete the workout as prescribed and that movement standards are upheld. It is advisable for teams to have a judge present who completed the CrossFit Online Judges Course in 2019 or 2020. 


Each workout will be scored separately. The performance of your team in each workout will result in a score and subsequent placing on the leaderboard. Teams will be assigned points based on relative rank (your ranking when compared to other teams in the event). The team with the best score in the event, will earn 1 point. The team with the second best, will earn 2 points, and so on. 

Each weekend, the points gained from the two workouts will be added together to determine the team that has placed highest for that weekend. If two teams finish the weekend with the same number of points, the tiebreak will be their position in the first workout of that weekend. The leaderboard will be updated each Saturday following the submission deadline. 

Scores must be submitted by midnight on the day of the live announcement and corresponding video evidence must be submitted within 5 days thereafter. 

Team captains are responsible for submitting their score for each workout. They will also be responsible for making sure that all scores are valid and that the movement standards workout are upheld and reflected in the video that is submitted. 

This is intended to be a once and done event with all teams completing the workouts ‘unseen’. We appreciate that there are some tribes who have multiple teams registered and it may not be possible for all teams to complete the workouts at the same time due to limitations of space or equipment. It is for this reason that scores submission deadline is midnight thus allowing larger tribes to run heats.

Official scorecards will be available to download for each workout, but you may not choose to use these. If the workout score is the combined total of all athletes’ individual scores, you will be asked to upload a photo of a scorecard clearly showing all the individual scores. 

Video submissions

Video evidence will be required for all teams.

Prior to starting the workout, the team captain must introduce all team members and clearly show all competition equipment (including barbell and weights, any distances/heights as required). A running clock or timer must be in view for the full duration of the workout – we recommend using Wodproof or similar app. The video must be filmed from an angle which clearly shows all movements meeting the movement standards. 

All video submissions should be unedited in order to accurately show the full performance. 

Videos should be uploaded to Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube or another publicly accessible platform, then a link to this video must be attached to your score submission on CompetitionCorner. A video must be submitted by 7pm on the following Wednesday.

By submitting your video, you are agreeing that Tribal Clash may use this for promotional purposes. 

Video reviews

Tribal Clash HQ will review a sample of videos including those submitted by the top 15 teams from each workout and a random selection of others. 

If a team is deemed to have counted reps incorrectly, Tribal Clash HQ may choose to deduct reps or to invalidate the score entirely. Specific penalties will be announced for each workout. 

Athlete kit

Belts, gloves, tape, neoprene joint sleeves and all common fitness apparel items are allowed during the competition.


Competitors take part entirely at their own risk. Tribal Clash accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage sustained while taking part in the online competition.

Drug policy

Tribal Clash is a competition to find the most capable teams on the planet. We strive to stage a fair competition where the teams’ success is determined by their fitness, teamwork, and mental grit. Tribal Clash will uphold anti-doping sanctions issued by national anti-doping agencies in accordance with World Anti-Doping Code. Tribal Clash will also uphold anti-doping sanctions issued by other recognised sports governing bodies, where we consider the drug testing programme to be rigorous and transparent. This includes sanctions issued by CrossFit, Inc.

When we become aware of an athlete participating in Tribal Clash who is under a sanction issued by a national anti-doping agency, or a recognised sport governing body, or CrossFit, Inc. we will take measures at our discretion, including but not limited to:

  • Disqualification from competition
  • Loss of results

Tribal Clash will not rearrange leaderboard retrospectively beyond 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Additional information

Tribal Clash is not responsible for any errors in data entered into CompetitionCorner, or for any technical problems that may occur. 

Tribal Clash reserves the right to disqualify any teams which are deemed to have acted in an unsportsmanlike manner or to have violated the rules. 

If the Tribal Clash online competition is unable to run as planned due to technical issues or any other cause outside of our control, we reserve the right to postpone the competition until a later date.