5 good reasons to sign up for Tribal Clash Portugal

Tribal Clash UK is totally sold out and we have a waiting list which now extends to 80 teams. The thought of so many teams not being able to feel the pain on the sand next year makes us very sad, so we wanted to encourage all those tribes wanting some Tribal Clash action to go and try grab the remaining team places in Tribal Clash Portugal while there are still some left. If the prospect of enjoying cold beers on a white sandy Algarve beach on Sunday 30th April basking in the glory of your achievement is not enough, we have put together some good reasons why you need to go and book your team place now!

1. Guaranteed sunshine!

 If you are a seasoned Tribal Clasher, or if you have attended any UK summer festivals, you know that the weather is unreliable at best, absolutely hideous at worst. All the way from drizzle and gale force winds to Glastonbury mud baths, the UK summer weather can deliver a very uncomfortable weekend. You could be very lucky and have sunshine rivalling Mediterranean conditions – or you could be freezing in your down parka having a long hard thing about your life.

Not so in the Algarve. Year-round sunshine is almost guaranteed, the climate is warm and it’s not surprising that thousands of tourists travel to the Algarve every year to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and quaint whitewashed historic villages. Tribal Clash in Portugal will be a true beach party where you will be working out in your bikini or boardies, soaking up the sun. Temperatures at the end of April will be in the 20’s (Celsius),  the sea will be much warmer already than the chilly Start Bay waters, but the tourism season hasn’t kicked in yet so you will have the beaches all to yourself. 

2. Soft fine sandy beach for your burpees

Every year, athletes describe the Blackpool Sands shingle sucking the soul out of them. Running on the beach is like wading in treacle, and that 1 km log run made grown men cry. Praia do Almargem is a classic Portuguese beach with miles and miles of white sand, and you will be sprinting like Usain Bolt on it.

3. Cheap flights from all over the UK

If you are driving to Devon from, say, Leeds, you will be spending on average £50 in fuel one way, or £100 in total, and spend 5 1/2 on the road each way. For those many tribes travelling from Scotland, the cost and travel time is even greater. Package airlines such as Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Ryanair flying to Faro offer one way flights from £29. Depending on dates and times, you can get a return flight to Faro from any UK airport for under £100. Add the guaranteed sunshine and you have an experience fit for the bucket list. 

4. Cheap hotel accommodation 

We love camping here at Tribal Clash, especially wild camping where you hike for miles to a secret spot on the moors, pitch up by the river and go feral for a few days. But sometimes you just need your modern comforts, especially if you are facing two days of beastings on the beach. Algarve has hotels for every taste and budget, and the Tribal Clash beach has the holiday resorts towns of Vilamoura and Quarteira as its neighbours. You can find a very good, clean and comfortable hotel room for under £50 per night for two people sharing. We recommend you use the search portal www.hotels.com for prices and deals, type Vilamoura or Quarteira into the search box.

For a super easy, hassle-free weekend you can book into Hotel Zodiaco for EUR43, that’s £35 per night for two people. This is a fantastic little hotel, clean and comfortable and within short walking distance from the Tribal Clash beach. You would not even need a hire car as the airport is a short 20 minute taxi ride away. 

5. Increase your chances for qualifying for the European Series Final

We will be inviting top 20 teams from each stage to compete in an electrifying two-day series final in a yet undisclosed location. At the time of writing, we are waiting for the final green light from the town officials but we can’t wait to tell you what we have in store for you. The venue will blow your socks off, it is the ultimate athletic honour and seeped in history and drama. To be able to participate in this competition would be an experience of a lifetime. Tribal Clash UK is getting more and more competitive each year and because of the shortage of team places and most affiliates only being allocated one spot, affiliates are sending in their best competitive athletes. The new European competitions will be in an exploratory stage and we have lots of new teams from Europe signed up for whom Tribal Clash is a brand new experience. If you are a team of Tribal Clash regulars who have nailed up and overs, atlas stones and worm lunges, why not go and try your chances in Portugal and Norway instead and aim for that podium finish. 

6. …. and a bonus: 

Tribal Clash Portugal is less than six months away!
Team entry fee is £660, or £110 per athlete, you register by paying for your team place here – you will then receive a confirmation and then further communication from us closer to the competition. Remember that you don’t have to have your team assembled at the time of booking, you can change your team as many times as you like all the way up to registration. We collect the names of your team members via electronic waivers so you don’t have to submit any additional information to us.

If you have any questions please email info@tribalclash.com