Team Overall points after 2 days
1 Unit6 CrossFit Las Bolas Grandes 27
2 Reebok CrossFit Tyneside 27
3 CrossFit Nottingham Team Hood & The Pirate 31
4 Rocktape Portugal Competitors 73
5 North Engine CrossFit Team Ice 81
6 CrossFit Alpha Den 83
7 CrossFit Aberdeen Lunching Tigers 96
8 Team Tugasox 102
9 Reebok CrossFit 33100 Team 1 112
10 CrossFit Leuwen 116
11 MNK360/TWN Portugal 2 118
12 Team False Grip 125
13 CrossFit Nottingham Sherwood Forest Squatters 126
14 Castelo CrossFit Black 137
15 North Engine CrossFit Team Fire 139
16 CrossFit Marbella Black 141
17 Matchbox CrossFit Team 1 144
18 Reebok CrossFit 33100 Team 2 146
19 CrossFit Marbella Red 148
20 Big Rigs & Small Hips 160
21 Full CrossFit Animalotes 166
22 Team Box PT 180
23 Outkasts Black 189
24 Naval Box 190
25 Rocktape Portugal Badass 191
26 MNK360/TWN Portugal 1 193
27 Outkasts Green 207
28 The Hut Clashers 208
29 Release The Kraken 226
30 CrossFit La Muralla Las Rocas Vertice 233
31 CrossFit Wirral 235
31 Team United Europe 235
33 Ironbox Alfragide Team B 236
34 CrossFit Wycombe 239
35 CrossFit La Muralla 240
36 CrossFit Mare 243
37 OneSoul CrossFit 259
38 Unit6 CrossFit 260
39 IronBox Alfragide Team A 264
40 Castelo CrossFit Red 276
41 CrossFit Nottingham Outlaws 290
42 Queiron CrossFit Navarra 292
43 Full CrossFit Maquinotes 305
44 Team Bombsquat 314
45 CrossFit Beja 330
45 CrossFit Rookies Box 330
47 Matchbox CrossFit Team 2 353
48 Aphobox CrossFit 382

TOP 3:

Winners: CrossFit Nottingham Team Hood & The Pirate

2nd: Unit6 CrossFit Las Bolas Grandes

3rd: Reebok CrossFit Tyneside



Full CrossFit, Valencia, Spain




Equipment: log with 6 handles weighing apprx 45kg

Time cap: 15 minutes


1a: Time to complete 2 laps around a marked course carrying the log

1b: max points accumulated in Up & Overs. 3 points for unassisted, 1 point for assisted.

1a: On 3-2-1-GO the athletes pick up a log. Before they can proceed around the course, all athletes must get over the beam (any way, assistance is allowed). Athletes complete a total of two (2) laps around a marked course carrying the log. All six athletes must remain in contact with the handles at all times when the log is in transit. A penalty for any one athlete letting go of the log, including in the water, is 5 synchro burpees for the team. Time stops when the log is back in its starting position after the 2nd lap.

1b: In time remaining from 15 minutes the team must accumulate as many points as possible in Up & Overs. The team gets 3 points for an unassisted Up & Over, and 1 point when athlete has to be assisted over the beam. If the athlete cannot reach the beam, s/he can be lifted onto the beam. As long as s/he starts with arms fully extended hanging without assistance and completes the rep without assistance, the rep qualifies as an unassisted Up & Over (3 points). The athletes can go over the log forward or backwards.


Equipment: log worm

Time cap: 15 minutes

Score: Total rope climbs


150 worm thrusters

as many rope climbs as possible in remaining time


On 3-2-1-GO the team sprints to the worm and picks it up to the shoulder.  The athletes complete 150 thrusters with the worm: First the team performs a squat where ALL 6 athletes must have hip crease below parallel at the same time. The team then stands to full extension and passes the worm overhead (no need for full extension) to the opposite shoulder. The thruster rep is counted when overhead by the last athlete, there is no synchro requirement for the overhead part of the movement.  Once all thrusters are completed the athletes move to the rope and take turns to complete as many rope climbs as possible in remaining time. The athletes can go in any order. All team members do not have to complete a climb. The rope climb must finish with a palm of the hand touching the wooden beam for the rep to count.



Equipment: truck tyre

Time cap: 15 minutes

Score: Total shoulder-to-overhead reps


This event starts with a paired swim relay. The athletes line up in pairs behind the baseline. Two athletes at a time start by completing 10 burpee tyre jump-throughs. The pair can split the burpees if they want or one athlete can complete all, and send the other athlete ahead on the swim. After 10 burpees the pair completes a swim lap around the marker. After the swim lap the pair has to complete another 10 burpee tyre jump-throughs, again either splitting the reps or having one athlete complete all of them. When the final 10 burpees have been completed, the pair runs back to the start line and tags the next two athletes behind the baseline. When all six athletes have completed the swim lap and burpees, all athletes move to the truck tyre and complete as many shoulder-to-overhead reps in remaining time. Only three athletes are working at one time on the tyre.  Bottom of tyre must be at shoulder height and all athletes must reach full extension of elbows at the top.


Time cap: 15 minutes

Score: Points accumulated from atlas stone lifts

Athletes start lying prone on the sand behind the start line. On 3-2-1-GO the athletes take turns to lift an atlas stone. Lifts accumulate points according to the weight of the stone: 1, 2, 4 or 8 points. Athletes must tag the next team member behind the start line. Athletes have to stay in order. A penalty for a tagging fault (if the next team member exits the start line before the lifting athlete has returned) is ten (10) synchro squats for the whole team.


Equipment: Giant truck tyre weighing 250kg

Time cap: 10 minutes

Score: Time to complete

Athletes start at the end of the lane lying prone on the ground behind the start line.  On 3-2-1-GO the athletes complete 9 tyre flips with a giant 250g truck tyre. After 9 tyre flips have been completed, the athletes drag the tyre back to the start line.  Once the team starts dragging the tyre, the athletes may only touch the strap and not the tyre.  A penalty for handling the tyre on its way back to the start line is 5 synchro burpees for the whole team. The time stops when the tyre is touching the start line.


Time cap: none

Score: The combined finishing positions of all six athletes


This event is a trail run of undisclosed distance on mixed terrain.


Time cap: 15 minutes

Score: Time to complete

This event is a team standup paddleboard race. On 3-2-1 GO the team sprints to their paddle board, picks up the board and the paddles, runs to the end of the lane and turns right to exit the arena. The team enters the sea through a flagged entry point and paddles around marked course. The team exits the sea through the flagged exit point, picks up the board and the paddles and runs to the lake.  They enter the lake at the entry point, paddle around course and leave the lake through the exit point.  They pick up the paddle board and the paddles and run into arena through the entry point and onwards to their lane.  The team places the paddle board down where it was picked up, with all paddles on top of it. Time stops when all athletes are under the rig and over the baseline.


Time cap: 10 minutes

Score: Total number of tyres stacked

This event is a repeat from Tribal Clash 2015. Each lane has a stack of 6 truck tyres. On 3-2-1-GO the athletes unstack the tyres and flip them down the lane. At the end of the lane, they stack them again. Once all six tyres have been stacked, they can be unstacked and flipped to the other end. The tyres have to be unstacked one at a time, the athletes cannot push the stack over. After 6 tyres have been stacked, the judge must give a thumbs up sign that the tyres can be unstacked (the stack must be stable and neatly stacked). Each stacked tyre earns the team one rep.