As the UK Government publish their roadmap out of the 3rd national lockdown, we were finally given the news we all have been waiting for. The staged return to fun and games means we can now confirm a date for Tribal Clash UK 2021

3-4 JULY 2021


All teams in possession of a 2020 TC UK team ticket will have an automatic entry to the July event. Once all these entries have  been confirmed, places will be offered to teams in possession of a 2020 TC Portugal team ticket. Once these ticket holders have confirmed, any remaining team spots, if any, will be released on general sale.

Please note that if your team ticket has been refunded, unfortunately you do not qualify for a free rollover team spot. We will be contacting all team captains with tickets in the coming weeks regarding milestone dates for confirming their competition entry. All team ticket holders also have an option to defer to 2022. 

All camping and parking tickets purchased for the 2020 event will be valid this year, a purchase receipt/proof of purchase will be required at the event site in exchange for your parking or camping permit. 

Keep an eye on our social media for more updates and Tribal hype! Assemble your squad, we are going BACK TO THE BEACH!




The past 12 months have tested all of us like nothing before. The lockdowns, the isolation, the total absence of everything that made life fun has called for resilience, resolve, optimism, and hope. As we write this, the world is battling another coronavirus surge, and here in the UK the news coming from the front line are frightening. This is the longest winter. But it will pass. 

The summer is coming. 

Tribal Clash became one of the victims of this pandemic, like so many companies in hospitality, live events, travel and entertainment. After 9 months in what can only be described as company life support, Tribal Clash is out of ICU and out on the other side, in a slightly different form. The production company behind 13 Tribal Clashes did not survive the pandemic, but the competition lives on: Tribal Clash is now under new management and ownership, as a division of Marco Polo Events, one of the leading organisers of corporate team challenges with an established corporate adventure race called UK Challenge. Marco Polo Events is backed by Enigma Holdings Group Ltd, and with fresh investment supporting us, Tribal Clash is returning to the global Functional Fitness stage raring to go. 

Keep an eyes out for a new episode of our Inside The Tribe podcast where we go through all the changes in more detail, but here are some quick answers to key questions in everyone’s minds: 

1. What happens to my team tickets from 2020? 

ALL team tickets for cancelled 2020 events will be honoured. All team ticket holders who retained their tickets will receive an automatic rollover to an event of their choice, either in 2021, 2022, or 2023.  These teams will be offered the first opportunity to claim a team spot when we open registrations. Teams that have received a refund for their ticket will have an option to book any remaining team spots, if available. Our numbers will be capped lower this year because of Covid-19, and approximately 60% of original team roster held on to their tickets, so we don’t anticipate there to be many additional spots available, however we will publish how to register your interest should you wish to take part. 

2. Will there be any events in 2021? 

We believe that with the vaccination programmes well underway, combined with summer weather, the social distancing measures and restrictions on gatherings will slowly begin to be relaxed. At the moment there is no green light for events anywhere in Europe, and international travel bans are keeping us grounded for the foreseeable. We have a tentative date ready for Tribal Clash UK, but no confirmation from City of Loule in Portugal yet. Australia has closed its borders for international arrivals until the end of the year, so we are keeping an eye on Down Under and crossing our fingers that we can get over there at the end of the year. This year will still be somewhat crazy, and everyone will have to move at very short notice as we are still working in an extremely fluid and changing environment. But we are cautiously hopeful that we can get back to the beach this summer and are putting all our efforts into making that happen.

3. I want to register a team, how can you ensure me our booking is safe? 

This year we will have several changes to our booking process to ensure you can register with confidence. All registrations will be eligible for a 100% refund, at any time before the event, no questions asked. If you have to self isolate because of Covid-19, at any time before the event, your team spot will be refunded in full. This will apply to rollover tickets as well, so if your team has to withdraw even at the last minute, your can transfer your team spot to another event. If new government mandated restrictions on events or travel are imposed (such as, mandatory quarantines on arrival from Portugal) leading us to postpone or cancel the event, you will be refunded in full or alternatively your team spot will be transferred to another event of your choice. 

4. How will you make Tribal Clash Covid-secure? 

Being an outdoor event, Tribal Clash will be infinitely safer than an indoor competition. We will be able to offer all participants a lateral flow Covid test on arrival, this is an option for us that we can implement for added safety. We will be working with the South Hams District Council Safety Advisory Group implementing any UK Government guidance on social distancing and sanitation. We will be capping the number of teams this year to give everyone more space. 

Whilst 2021 will be a recovery year, we are aiming to run a full season of events in 2022, with a new European location in the pipeline, in addition to Australia, USA, and Portugal. Thank you for your continued support, we have missed you. See you on the sand!





The global Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest public health crisis the world has experienced for a hundred years. Over 350,000 people have so far died and countries around the world are in lockdown to try curtail the spread of the virus. As social distancing has become necessary, mass gatherings have been banned because of the risk of transmission, but also because emergency services that would have been deployed at events are needed in the front line of the Covid-19 response.

Our remaining 2020 competitions Tribal Clash Portugal, Tribal Clash USA and Tribal Clash UK are postponed, at this time we do not have rescheduled dates for these events. There is no visibility at the moment as to when countries are able to permit large public gatherings again, as both Europe and USA are still dealing with the first wave of the pandemic. It is impossible to estimate when social distancing measures will be lifted enough to allow public events, so at the moment we are unable to confirm future competition dates. Furthermore, in order to move forward with a planned event, we require emergency services, first aid providers, staff, infrastructure and also airlines to be flying – all of this is currently halted as the world deals with Covid-19.

All teams who have booked tickets to the postponed events will have their tickets rolled over to the next available date. Alternatively teams can transfer their ticket to another Tribal Clash event, or to another team. We are unable to issue refunds to all the teams in Portugal, USA and UK who have booked a ticket, in line with the rest of the entertainment and travel industry; as an extraordinary and unprecedented force majeure event akin to war, terrorism, or natural disaster this is out of our control and impacts all our events simultaneously. There is no amount of planning that could have foreseen the scale of this crisis. Our priority is to ensure we are in a position to deliver events when the lights go back on. As we have several hundred teams affected by the pandemic and various national lockdowns, there are only two outcomes that are FAIR AND CONSISTENT for all teams: 1) everyone gets a full refund and 2) no-one gets a full refund and all tickets are transferred to a new rescheduled date. Simple maths render option 1 impossible and would result in immediate bankruptcy and hundreds of disappointed teams. Therefore the only FAIR option for all teams is option 2. We are unable to make exceptions as a reaction to individual emails, although we are acutely aware that many teams are unable to make ‘any date ever anywhere in the future’. We are extremely disappointed that we are not able to operate as planned, and sympathise with all athletes affected.

For further information about how Covid-19 is impacting Tribal Clash and the events industry, listen to our latest podcast Inside The Tribe, you can find it on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Thank you for your support during this crisis, stay safe and healthy, and we hope to celebrate on the beach with you all soon.

Episode 11: Where we recap the past six months and look ahead to an uncertain future

Tribal Clash in the time of Corona: what now for live events? In this episode we talk about the past six months and the challenges we navigated as a company: Australia, South Africa, a missing leg and a missing container, and our plans for 2021. As a live events company we were directly in the path of the Covid-19 pandemic; with large public gatherings restricted or banned for the foreseeable future, what does that mean for Tribal Clash? This is an industrywide problem that only has one solution: we press pause and wait for the lights to be turned back on.


The following are the events that all teams complete on Day 2. After Event 7, the field is cut to 36 teams based on overall points after 7 events. The 36 remaining teams will complete Event 9. 18 teams will exit the competition after Event 9, and the remaining 18 teams will go into the Semi-Final, the Tug-Of-War. 

Please note, two athlete staging areas will be used on Day 2 – one at the northern end of the arena near the Surf Lifesaving Club, and the other at the southern end of the arena as used throughout Saturday. Please ensure that you go to the correct staging pen, as highlighted below for each event. 


Score: Time
Staging area: South

Event 5 is a team rescue board swim for time, straight into an individual run. 

RACE NUMBERS MUST BE WORN FOR THIS EVENT. Without your number visible on your arm, you will not get a score. 

The team must stand behind the start line between the flags. On GO, the team picks up their rescue board and sets off on a team swim around a marked course. All team members must stay in contact with the board at all times. The team can have one athlete on the board. 

Once the team have completed the swim lap, they must replace the board where they found it and then all athletes head out on an individual run along the beach, with a water crossing. 

Shoes are advised for your own safety. The run route will be signposted. Each individual athlete’s time will be logged at the run finish gate. The team’s score for Event 1 is the combined finishing times for all six athletes. The run will be marshalled and the athletes’ race number will be logged at a checkpoint. Once athletes have completed Event 5, they must proceed to the staging area at the northern end of the beach for Event 6.


Score: Reps
Time cap: 12 minutes
Staging area: North

Event 3 will start exactly 30 minutes after the start of Event 1, even if all team members are not back from the individual run. The team must have a minimum of 2 athletes back to start the event. 

The tyre stack is one of our favourite events, having first featured in Tribal Clash UK in 2015. Usually, it’s essential for the team to have a solid strategy and figure out how they use all six team members to move the tyres as fast as possible. This year there’s a twist as you may begin the event with an incomplete team… 

The team must unstack the six tyres, flip them down the lane, and restack them at the opposite end. The team repeats this as many times as possible in 12 minutes. Athletes must start lying chest to floor behind the baseline, unless they join the team after the heat has started. Tyres can not be pushed off the top of the stack – they must be lifted with control and placed on the floor, with part of the tyre touching the baseline bags. When all six tyres are restacked beyond the opposite baseline, the team scores 6 reps. The tyres must be neatly stacked.  Once the judge gives the thumbs up, the team can then unstack the tyres and flip them back, repeating as many times as possible in 12 minutes. At time-out, every tyre stacked equals one rep.

Score: Reps
Time cap: 7 minutes
Staging area: South

AMRAP Sandworm Ground To Overhead Reps for time.

The team starts lying prone behind the baseline, hands on sandbags. On GO team proceeds to the sandworm and starts to work through as many ground to overhead reps as they can with the sandworm, facing the stage. The rep is completed when the worm is on the opposite shoulder, and all six athletes stand fully extended. There is no need to lock out overhead. The score is the number of reps completed.