– We recommend wearing matching team kit, the brighter the better! Unleash your creativity and show your team’s personality by designing your own team outfits. Check out photos from previous events for inspiration – the Tribal Clash team were particularly impressed with the matching speedos and bikinis on show in Australia. European teams, it’s time to raise your game!

– It is very likely that you will be in the water at some point during the competition. Wear clothing and footwear that you would be comfortable swimming in – you don’t want to be held back by shorts that might fall down and shoes that might fall off.

– Bring plenty of spare clothes as you may get wet more than once in a day, or wear quick drying technical fabrics designed for water events.

– We advise you to bring more than one pair of shoes as these may get wet. Trail shoes are a must for any possible run event. Many Tribal Clash veterans wear trail shoes on the arena for extra grip. Some competitors get primal and compete in bare feet, but please bear in mind that there may be stones and shells on the arena and on the beach.

– We always pray for sunshine but don’t forget that it might get cold later in the day so bring plenty of layers. Rain is always a possibility (especially at our UK event!) so come prepared for all eventualities. Tribal Clash will go ahead in any weather.



– Protective sleeves may be useful in case you have to handle atlas stones.

– Gloves are highly recommended – athletes may be required to handle logs, tyres and atlas stones, and climb a rope.

– All athletes should expect to get wet during the competition. Wetsuits, wearable buoyancy aids including life jackets, neoprene shoes and swimming goggles are permitted for water-based events. We will not be providing life jackets. Hand paddles, rafts, fins or kick boards are not allowed.

– For the waiting time between the events and your heats, we recommend that you bring some form of shade for you and your team. You can, for example, pitch a gazebo or pop-up tent on the beach. Please be aware that this should not get in the way of event operations or competition flow – some events may take the athletes outside the main arena so you should make sure your shelter is not disrupting such events.

– Bring plenty of sun cream and water.

– We will not be providing chalk. We recommend that you bring some with you as you may want to use it in some of the events.

– There is no designated warm up area on the beach with foam rollers, barbells and assault bikes. You may want to bring some mobility tools with you.

– Please note there are no storage facilities for your kit.