Tribal Clash is a two-day competition for teams of 6 athletes, 3 men + 3 women.

The teams race in multiple challenging events during the weekend, which are kept secret until the eve of the competition: the teams have to prepare and train for the unknown and prepare to be taken out of their comfort zone. The events in the past have included shifting, climbing, lifting, running, swimming, hauling, pulling, carrying and throwing. We design, source and manufacture all the equipment in-house; there are no barbells, Concept 2 rowers, ski ergs or assault bikes at Tribal Clash.

Tribal Clash has been pushing the boundaries of team fitness racing from its inception, with its innovative challenges, event design and equipment, now often copied by smaller outdoor team competitions around Europe.

Tribal Clash tests team work capacity, and is one of the few events of its kind that designs ‘true’ team workouts where the team must work together to complete a task. This combined with a spectacular beachside setting and world class event design, creates an unforgettable experience for both athletes and spectators. Savage but fun, tough but inclusive: Tribal Clash is the ultimate team competition for athletes of all abilities.

CrossFit affiliates, obstacle racers, military companies, F45 gyms, sports clubs – amateur sports and fitness around the world is organised into tightly knit fitness families with unique cultures and identities. Tribal Clash provides a meeting ground for celebrating what unites them. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate what sets them apart.

What started as a local beach throwdown in 2013 is now a global team throwdown series with five events on four continents. Nearly 8000 athletes have competed in Tribal Clash since its inception. More Tribal Clash events are in the pipeline in all corners of the world.

Savage. Unforgettable. Unique. There is only one Tribal Clash.