Portugal 2018 Team Judgement

Tribal Clash Portugal teams, meet your judges: they are The Law Our volunteer judges are the best in the field, they do an amazing job on the beach so give them a fist bump when you see them! Each judge will be supported by an Assistant Judge, and our Head Judge again...


Teams of 6, consisting of 3 men & 3 women.

Divide your team into two Sub Teams of 3 (SubTeam 1 and SubTeam 2 in our workout briefing below). The sub teams of 3 are fixed and you can’t swap athletes between the sub-teams during the workout. You need four bars, two set at 30kg and two set at 42.5kg. Men use 42.5kg bar and women use 30kg bar. You need a pull up rack with 2 pull up stations. You also need guts and a willingness to go into a dark and scary place.


AMRAP until death, for total reps

EMOM as a team complete

15 synchro thrusters (two athletes) and 15 synchro pull ups (two athletes).


The Sub Teams swap between thrusters and pull ups, alternating the movement each minute. On the first minute, two athletes from SubTeam 1 complete 15 synchro thrusters, while at the same time two athletes from SubTeam 2 complete 15 synchro pull ups. On the next minute, two athletes from SubTeam 1 now complete 15 synchro pull ups, while at the same time two athletes from SubTeam 2 complete 15 synchro thrusters. On the third minute, the SubTeams swap again, SubTeam 1 completing 15 synchro thrusters (2 athletes working) and SubTeam 2 completing the 15 synchro pull ups (2 athletes working).

You can swap athletes in and out within the same Sub Team within the minute, as long as the Sub Team complete the 15 synchro reps within the minute. The Sub Teams must swap movements each minute, alternating between thrusters and pull ups.

As a team, you have to think carefully about how you organise your two Sub Teams, in order to keep going as long as possible. For example, if you have an athlete who is weak at pull ups, you may want to include him/her into the Sub-Team with the athlete who is a pull up ninja, who will take most of the pull ups with the weaker athlete chipping in as much as they can.

Once either Sub Team fails to complete the 15 synchro reps within the minute, your workout is over. Your score is total reps completed by your entire team (each synchro rep by two athletes is one rep) . You score 30 reps each minute you remain in the game.

How long can you go on?