UK 2014



Time cap: 10 minutes
Score: Total reps

 50 TYRE JUMP THROUGHS: All 4 athletes jump in and out of a tyre until they have completed 50 repetitions (Two footed take off and landing).

6 LAPS OF THE ARENA: 2 athletes (any combination) then complete one lap of the arena, the athletes must run together, connected by an object that they both must hold.  When they have completed a lap of the arena they pass this object on to the other 2 athletes who will then do the same until a total of 6 laps of the arena have been completed. Once all 6 laps of the arena have been completed all 4 athletes can then contribute to any outstanding movements (with only one working at a time).

50 AXLE BAR THRUSTERS(MEN) / AXLE BAR SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD (WOMEN): After the tyre jump through’s, the 2 athletes that remain in the lane will start to work their way through 50 Thrusters (guys) STOH (girls).

50 AXLE FACING BURPEES: Athletes must start facing one another and alternate the burpees.

50 PULL UPS: Male athletes must use an overhand grip. Jump pull-ups are not acceptable, underhand grip is not acceptable. Female athletes will use a rope ring (similar to a gymnastic ring) they will need to pull enough so that the chin reaches the height of the athlete’s knuckles.  

MAX AXLE GROUND TO OVERHEAD: On completion of the 200 reps and 6 laps of the arena. The athletes will perform the maximum number of ground to overhead lifts with the axle bar in the time remaining. The axle can be lifted anyhow as long as it finishes at full extension and in control (stationary) over the athletes head.  Guys will score 1 point per rep and the girls will score 2 points per rep.


Time cap: 15 minutes
Score: Total squat reps, wet laps

50 LOG SQUATS: All 4 athletes pick up a log (approx 60kg) and complete 50 synchro squats.

WET LAPS (SWIM OR STAND UP PADDLE BOARD): On completion of the first 50 squats the end athlete (right hand side facing the sea) completes one lap of a sea swim or stand up paddle board (SUP).  If they choose to SUP they must carry this with them to the water entry point, along with the paddle.  On completion of the lap they must carry this back to their team.  They then re-join their team on the log squats until it is their turn to SUP or swim again. Everyone must complete the wet lap in sequence. Kneeling is acceptable on the SUP and is a great way for those less confident in water to contribute to their team score. Lying to paddle prone is not allowed and will be considered a no rep. The paddle must be used. The SUP lap is longer in absolute distance than the swim lap.

SYNCHRO LOG SQUATS: While one athlete completes a water lap the other 3 athletes continue to perform as many squats as possible (crease of hip below parallel, hips fully extended at the top).  The athletes can stop to rest at any time with no penalty.  However, if they drop the log they will incur a 10 rep penalty (minus 10 reps).  There must always be 3 athletes on the log for the reps to count.

THE SCORE: Teams will accumulate wet laps (both SUP & swim are worth the same) and will then be scored on the number of wet laps achieved in 15 minutes.  Teams will also accumulate squat reps and be scored on total squat reps.


Time cap: 8 minutes
Score: Points

ATLAS STONE LIFT: Athletes line up prone, chest to floor, behind the baseline. On GO they take turns to run to the lane, pick up an atlas stone and lift it over shoulder. They then run back to the baseline and tag a team mate who then does the same. And so on until the eight minute time limit is up. All athletes remain in sequence for the entire workout.

SCORING: The stones score points based on their weight:

1 20
2 35
4 45 1
8 65 2
80 4
95 8


The stones are positioned in the lane in weight order therefore the lightest stone is furthest away.  Teams will accumulate a total points score for the full 8 minutes.  In the event of a ‘no lift’ an athlete can attempt to lift either the same or a lighter stone before they run back.  If the athlete can’t lift the lightest stone for their gender they will get 0 points (they must still attempt the lift). If an athlete manages to lift a stone successfully before the final whistle but does not make it back to the baseline the points WILL count.


Time cap: none
Score: combined finishing positions of all four athletes

Mixed terrain trail run of approximately 5km

On go we will see one of the largest mass beach starts in history, athletes will head along the beach following a marked route.  After approx 1km they will disappear in to the beautiful valley and will accept gracefully the terrain that lays ahead of them.  The route will be well marked out the whole way and will be a great test of your general physical preparedness.  Please listen out for any direction and advice on route and just keep going.  The run will finish back in the event arena.  Athletes will be required to stay in their finish positions as they enter the finishing funnel. There will be big hairy marshalls in position to make sure this happens.


Time cap: 15 minutes
Score: GTOH + burpee reps

30 TYRE/LOG FLIPS: All athletes start laying down on the baseline of their lane (2 one end/ 2 the other) On go 2 will jump up run in to the middle of the lane and flip the tyre and log, both athletes can work together if necessary.  Once the 2nd object has landed the athletes return to their baseline and the other 2 jump off the floor and flip the objects. This sequence continues until all the tyre and log have been flipped 30 times.

SEA SUBMERGE: Once the athletes have completed the flips they will exit the arena and head towards the sea, they will submerge and travel around an obvious marker. They will then run back up in to the event arena.

LOG LUNGE: Once they are back in the arena they will pick up the log and perform 4 lengths (60m) of synchro walking lunges(with all athletes knee touching the floor and reaching full knee and hip ext at the top of the movement). Each length the log must be placed to the floor behind the baseline stepped over and lifted again.

LOG WHEELBARROW: Once they have completed the 4 lengths of lunges, they will now have 2 athletes pick the log up (at the end facing in) and 2 athletes placing their feet over the log.  The 2 standing athletes will walk laterally down the lane, the 2 others will walk hand over hand down the lane.  The log must pass the baseline and will then be lowered to the floor.  The 4 athletes will then change roles and repeat until 4 whole lengths (60m) have been completed.

SEA SUBMERGE: On completion of the wheelbarrow, the teams will then repeat the sea submerge and make their way back to the arena for the final stage.

MAX TYRE GROUND TO OVERHEAD: On re-entering the arena athletes will find that a tyre has been placed in the first scoring zone.  The team has to achieve 10 tyre ground to overhead movements and 5 synchro burpee tyre jumps before they can progress to the next zone.  All available athletes must contribute to the tyre GTOH, which includes picking it off the floor and pushing it to full extension overhead.  Shorter athletes must still extend their arms when they tyre is lifted overhead.  With the synchro burpee tyre jump, all 4 athletes will burpee then jump on the tyre at the same time before the next rep can take place. If all 4 athletes do not arrive in to the arena at the same time the available athletes can start attempting the GTOH movement, but they must wait for the remaining athletes before they complete any burpee tyre jumps (step ups not acceptable).