UK 2013



Time Cap: 8 minutes
Score: Points

Men: Two minutes of max rep log lifts straight into two minutes of max rep log flips (end over end)

Women: Two minutes of max rep log flips into two minutes of max rep partner log lifts.

Scoring: Log lift to shoulder = 1 point. Log lift over head = 2 points. Log flip = 1 point. Final score is total number of log lifts and log flips combined.

Standards: The log and all athletes must stay within the working area at all times. Athletes must demonstrate control at all times when handling the log. For an overhead lift to count the athlete must reach full extension and lock-out overhead. The log may be dropped between lifts. The log must travel when flipped.


Time cap: 20 minutes
Score: reps

Max reps synchro squats with log + swim or kayak for laps. Swim = 1 person at a time on short lap. Kayak = 2 persons and long lap.

Scoring: Teams are scored on their overall finishing position on the swim/kayak element + overall finishing position on syncro squats. For example: A team that finishes 1st out of one hundred teams for the swim/kayak element and 100th for the scynchro log squats would achieve a total score of 101.

Swim: This is a simple short triangular course in deep water athletes may use any stroke. Goggles are permitted but no other swimming aids or flotation devices.
Kayak: This is a simple triangular course in deep water The kayak and all associated equipment must be brought back to the starting position on each lap. For both swim and kayak exit the work area on the seaward side and re-enter from the beach side.


Time cap: 6 minutes
Score: reps

Men: Starting at point A the men will have three minutes to sprint thirty meters to point B where they must complete five ground to overhead partner lifts with a tyre. They will then flip the tyre back to point A where the women will load the tyre with four sandbags before the men go straight into max rep deadlifts in the time remaining.

Women: Thirty-meter sprint relay from point A to retrieve sandbags from point B (1 at a time) ready for loading into the tyre before men’s deadlift can commence. When the men have finished their deadlifts on the three minute mark, the women will remove the sandbags from the tyre and flip it back down the 30 meter lane to point B and then sprint back to point A to retrieve all four sandbags and return to point B. They will then complete max rep deadlifts with unloaded tyre in any time remaining.

Scoring: Combined total of men’s and women’s deadlifts.

GTOH: Lift from floor any way, feet together, arms fully extended and locked out overhead. Athletes must exhibit control over the tyre at all times. At the top of the movement the judge will shout to indicate a good lift.
Tyre Flip: is from a deadlift starting position athletes can change as often as they like.
Deadlift: From inside the tyre. Athletes must reach full extension and the tyre must touch fully on the floor between lifts. Athletes may change as often as required.


Time cap: none
Score: time to complete

A mixed terrain trail run of about 5km